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Christof N

Christof N




5' 11"


168 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.25

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

Recent Posts

@Michael C Width is definitely not voluminous as the Backland XTD, which fits like a cozy pair of uggs. As far as heel comparison, maybe they seem similar? I don’t really recall either one being overly tight or loose.
@will g I ski both the Radical and Ridge Pro in 26.5, and I think most people would size them the same between boots.
@Aaron S the fit in the backlands is much higher volume. At 100 grams heavier it’s almost in another class of boot as well. I think with wider heavier skis you will feel more power from the XTDs vs the Ridge just as a matter of mass. The XTDs are softer flexing in my opinion. I need to do some more back and forth comparison but I think the Ridge might be the better performing boot in most applications.
I agree with the heel cup in the Backland XTD securing the heel better. I feel like it's always easier to make a high volume boot fit lower volume feet than vice versa, so might be worth exploring. Obviously I'd always recommend working with a good bootfitter, say, maybe someone at Skimo;)
In one take: High volume fit. Downhill performance on par with a Fischer Transalp Pro, skis stronger than a Scarpa F1 but not as strong as a Dynafit Radical Pro. Walks much better than the Fischer (which I always felt had some weird resistance either from the liner or gaiter). I have been in the hunt for a boot that would slot in between my Radical Pro at 1550g and my Scarpa F1 (since replaced by the Ridge Pro) at 1250g. Just due to the crowd I find myself touring with the majority of the time, my Radi...

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