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Christof N

Christof N
Height:5' 11"
Weight:168 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.25
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year

Recent Posts

Skied a 15,000 ft. day yesterday on these, about 9-10K heli assist, and the rest touring. I have to say, I've found what I think is the gold standard "Beef Boot" for the dedicated tourer (as long as it fits, yada yada yada, etc). Weight came in 1450g per boot in 26.5 WITHOUT footbeds, which is 38 grams heavier than my Scarpa Maestrale RS. However, the walk mode is better/easier to use, articulates more freely, especially rearward, and the Hoji-lock system delivers in its claim to lock the cuff in downhil...
My 26.5 weighed in at 1450g per boot WITHOUT footbeds. Dynafit's website now states 1400g, but that's still quite the discrepancy. The good news? They ski and walk good enough I don't even care about the fudge in weight.
One of the boots I ski and love the most is the Scarpa F1. I was asking Eric if there was anything out there that might give me a little more power and stiffness, but walk as well or better than the F1 and keep me in the same relative weight category. He mentioned that reports seemed to indicate the Movement Free Tour might be the ticket. First time out it was a big day and I came away with two conclusions: 1. It is a slightly more powerful and stiffer shell than the F1, but you feel the shell through th...
Hey guys. I noticed in the specs it shows the waist width DECREASING as length increases. Am I reading this right? I’m not questioning SkiTrabs genius if that’s the case, just never seen that before in a ski line. Also, thoughts on length. This would replace my series 1 Helio 88/168cm as my speed touring/mountaineering ski. It will be used with a Travers Carbon CC boot and Titan release binding. 164 vs 171 is what I’m debating. The next ski in my quiver is a Helio 95 in 173cm, so I’d like this to be a obvio...
I have two pair of these skis in plastic, 169 and 176 length. I'm bringing ONE up to you guys to get mounted and will be my daily driver for this season here in the Wasatch, and I could use some guidance on length selection. I'm putting the Fischer Tour Speed Lite (Dynafit Superlite) on it, and using my beloved Travers Carbon boot for a full color-coordinated ensemble. At least I'll look fast, which is half the battle. I use a Helio 88/168cm for my lightest mountaineering setup, and also have a Helio 105/...

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