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Christof N

Christof N




5' 11"


168 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.25

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

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Can the Haute Route heel be direct mounted to ski i.e. without the adjustment plate?
The length of the Radical 26/26.5 was just a tad shorter than my Maestrale 26.5/27.0 which makes sense as Scarpa's shells break on the half size. I tried on a 27.5 in the Radical and it was obviously too big. Although shorter, I have not had to modify the Radical shell at all. I used a big toe-cap when I molded the liners to give me as much room as possible and I'd say I "notice" my toes at the front of the boot a little more than my Maestrales, but there is no discomfort or pain. The rest of the fit is g...
I didn’t notice any real difference between the two. The Radical Pro liner is pretty close to an intuition style foam and molded very nicely, both with the high instep issue and formed a good heel pocket that I haven’t had any issue with. As for the DPS Pagoda 112 vs Hyper V8, the pagoda construction while still light for it’s performance, is noticeable heavier than its previous tour 1 construction and also heavier than Voile’s hyper construction so for me the Pagoda 112 is no longer a contender for a “li...
My everyday boot has been an F1, Movement Free Tour, Dynafit TLT8, etc. and I only pull out the Maestrales (and now Radicals) for the deepest days on big skis like a G3 Seekr 110, DPS Wailer Tour 112, and I might be trying out the Voile Hyper V8 this year for my powder crusher. Anything in the mid 100s waisted category or less and I'm using a lighter boot. That's just me. I did pair them with my DPS Pagoda Tour 106 a few times this year and it was an awesome combo.
The foam pad (usually a small oval piece of dense foam) is stuck on the top of your instep before you heat mold the liners. This is pretty standard practice by most bootfitters if you have a high instep. This helps create more space on top of the foot during the heat molding process. The pad is discarded afterwards and not used for skiing, only the initial liner mold. Hope this clarifies things.

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