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Atomic heard the cry of 1000 aching souls, “I want a boot that walks like a Backland Carbon but skis like a Hawx XTD, why oh god am I left to suffer and teeter on this hideous precipice?!” And lo, they have provided an answer. Boasting both a 74-degree range of motion and a very skiable 120 flex, the Backland Carbon XTD 120 is as capable on the up as it is on the down. The laced lower buckle combined with the hybrid overlap shell construction allows users with medium-large feet to ascend comfortably yet snug things down for committing descents. Much to the chagrin of the bacteria that typically take up residence in well-used ski touring liners, the 3D Platinum Tour liner is hand-washable, keeping your partner and olfactory senses much happier. When scampering along icy ridges in search of the entrance to that "one" couloir, the Skywalk Touring Norm Sole will provide reliable traction. Skin up, ski down, and stop overthinking your boot choices with the Backland Carbon XTD 120.

  • Carbon-powered cuff and shell deliver a stout 120 flex rating.
  • Memory Fit plastic accommodates a variety of foot shapes.
  • Hybrid overlap shell construction allows smooth step-in and a secure foot wrap.
  • Frictionless Mirror Pivots offer a smooth 74-degree range of motion.
  • Free / Lock 4.5 external walk mode lever allows simple clearing of ice and snow and forward lean adjustment.
  • Cross Lace 2.5 “Z” shaped cable and buckle combination on the lower provides a consistent and powerful foothold.
  • Supportive, moldable, breathable, and hand-washable 3D Platinum Tour liner.
convert to ounces
1410g [27/27.5]
Weight (pair) 2820g [27/27.5]
Buckles   2 + 50mm Quick Release Cam Strap
Boot Sole Length   277mm [24/24.5]
287mm [25/25.5]
297mm [26/26.5]
307mm [27/27.5]
317mm [28/28.5]
327mm [29/29.5]
337mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   74°
Forward Lean(s)   13°, 15°, 17°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon Loaded PA
Liner   3D Platinum Tour
Sole   Skywalk Touring Norm Sole
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-day touring and ski mountaineering
Notes A new stiffer Backland
Bottom Line Versatile all-arounder
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Questions & Reviews

Christof N (used product regularly)
In one take: High volume fit. Downhill performance on par with a Fischer Transalp Pro, skis stronger than a Scarpa F1 but not as strong as a Dynafit Radical Pro. Walks much better than the Fischer (which I always felt had some weird resistance either from the liner or gaiter).

I have been in the hunt for a boot that would slot in between my Radical Pro at 1550g and my Scarpa F1 (since replaced by the Ridge Pro) at 1250g. Just due to the crowd I find myself touring with the majority of the time, my Radicals ( which I use with my wider skis) are usually overkill and put me at a substantial weight disadvantage with the Speedy Gonzalez crowd. However, I wanted something that would ski stronger than just using the F1 with my 110mm powder ski.

I thought the Fischer Transalp Pro would be the perfect solution and picked up a pair a season or two ago, but their sizing just would not work for me. 26.5 I was in pain, 27.5 I was swimming, and the last just didn't agree with my high volume foot.

I tried these Backland XTDs on in November and almost instantly knew I had found my powder-setup boot. The length is right on par with most 26.5 touring and alpine boots. The volume is downright plush. I have a widish foot and a very high instep and it was a great fit right out of the box. Weight came in at 1340g shell plus liner.

This has been a great match with my powder setup, a 110mm 1550g ski and 330g binding with a freeride spacer. Initial flex felt a little soft but on snow they had plenty of stiffness and power to ski hard and fast. 1350g is just enough mass to not feel like you need to adapt your skiing style to compensate for a light boot.

The range of motion, and more important, the lack of friction is above average in my opinion. This boot doesn't have a tongue, which really makes it tour exceptionally well (feels free-er than my old Scarpa F1), but again, it's NOT like the original backland carbon that almost felt the same in ski mode as walk mode it was so squishy lol.

So I would sum up calling this an "extra lean beef" boot for the uphill conscious ski tourer with high volume feet. To get more performance I think you need to look at boots at LEAST 150 grams heavier.
Reply from Ethan A
I wonder if a shim under the footbed can take up some volume for medium volume feet. I skied the Transalp Pro for 2 seasons and I felt like the heel cup was medium volume and too loose for my foot. The Backland XTD felt like it had a slightly tighter heel. Atomic Hawx and Tecnica Zero G both fit my feet well (The instep and heel at least).
Reply from Christof N
I agree with the heel cup in the Backland XTD securing the heel better. I feel like it's always easier to make a high volume boot fit lower volume feet than vice versa, so might be worth exploring. Obviously I'd always recommend working with a good bootfitter, say, maybe someone at Skimo;)
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Question from Aaron Squier
Have you had any experience punching these shells? I tried them on (size 27.5), and they fit well all around, but I would likely need a punch to make more room for my pinky toe (unless the liner is just really beefy right there). How much space would you think you can make?
Answer from Emmett I

You shouldn't have any issues making a little room for your pinky, but as with all touring boots, don't count on modifying them too much, as the shells are fairly thin.
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Question from Justin
Did you guys get to ski these last season? How do these rank as far as stiffness/skiing power? I'm sure they're not up there with a Zero G, but a huge step down? What other similar to the new Transalp Carbon Pro? Other comparisons?
Answer from Jeff
Justin, I just tried on these boots yesterday to compare. I did get a chance to ski the new Hawk last season, this boot disappeared.
Obviously this Backland 120 is more substantial then the past Backlands and has much more liner too. Without a tongue, and 74 degrees ROM, the forward flex is a bit less then the Zero G, but not a lot.
The TransAlp Pro is a bit stiffer. Not made from Grilimid, they have a nice progressive flex (so does the Backland). The La Sportiva Skorpius also fits in with these for stiffness/ ski ability. Of course fit is all important.
For help to find the one that fits you best, try our Boot fitter.
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Question from lance j
Any chance that you guys know what the weight of the 25.5 boot is ? The height to the top of the cuff would also be fantastic information to have. Very interested in this one...
Answer from Andrew C
Lance, we have not received the boot in that size yet so we cannot confirm; however, we'd be happy to confirm when they arrive in a 25.5!
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Question from Allan Crumbaker
What is the width of this boot?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Allan, Atomic lists the width at 100mm, compared to 98mm for their Hawx and lighter Backland models. Trying this boot on here at the shop, we found it to have a medium volume fit a tad on the roomier side.
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