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Julian K

Julian K




5' 9"


155 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year


My Skiing


My Gear

tecnica zero g peak carbon
blizzard zero g 95
ski trab vario.2 red

Recent Posts

Hi Clum, all of those descriptors are pretty spot on. If you are looking for the more playful, damp, and slarvy ski, it is the Echo. If you want something stiffer, lighter, and like opening up turns, it would be the Zero G 105. The Blizzards have a slightly different shape, with less tail rocker and a stiffer tail.
Hi Carol, we use the tail width to determine skin width, so the 115mm wide skins will work fine. There will be enough coverage underfoot and behind your heel, where most of the traction of the skin is.
Hi Peter, there aren't any changes to this pack that we are aware of. Good catch! After some inspection, it looks like there are no magnets by the crampon pack.
Hi Greg, though the DryGuy Boot gloves have 1mm thicker insulation material the Snux covers offer better coverage under and through the whole foot. If you are boot packing, the Snux offers better wrap-around whereas the DryGuy's would potentially accumulate snow under and in the sides of the glove. In the end, they are very similar!
Hi Marcel, I'd suggest you grind down the tail clip of the skin itself to fit the notch on your ski. We have that part, which you could easily replace if needed.

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