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Contour Hybrid Splitboard Skin Kit


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With the Contour Hybrid Splitboard Skin Kit, there is no longer a need to dip your climbing skins in the snow at the trailhead, just so you rip them at the top of your climb. The secret sauce behind this is the Hybrid glue, which utilizes two glue layers instead of one. The first layer (closest to the backing material) uses an ultra-sticky glue while the second layer is a less sticky glue. The result is a reliable skin that remains extremely user-friendly, even in wicked cold temperatures. Additionally, the Hybrid glue is very easily serviceable. If you find the glue has gotten tired and is no longer providing the adhesion you know and love, simply wipe or spray them off, then get back out there. Because all Splitboards are not alike, the Hybrid Splitboard Skin Kit comes with a preattached tip and easily customizable tail, allowing you to use a splitboard up to 180cm in length. All you need are scissors and a hammer! Make the struggle of ripping your skins a thing of the past with the Contour Hybrid Splitboard Skin Kit.

  • The name has eight syllables. Phew!
  • 135mm wide and can be trimmed to fit any splitboard up to 180cm in length.
  • The unique velcro tip clip is secure and accommodates a wide array of splitboards.
  • The tail is easily installable, you just need scissors and a hammer.
  • Hybrid glue is easily serviceable to reinvigorate its performance.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Will S
Do you by any chance sell just the Contour velcro tip clip? I am looking to replace a broken velcro tip from a pair of Kastle skins (90mm nose attachment)
Answer from Julian K
Hey Will,
Unfortunately, we don't carry that part. Sorry about that.

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