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Alfredo A

Alfredo A




5' 9"


135 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

Recent Posts

yeah sizing is consistent! i wouldn't change course if the blacks are working for you in 27. funny enough, i did just downsize my race pro from 27.5 to 27, because of some 'slightly loose' fit at times.
This is not a good skin (for my purposes). I bought it because it was cheaper than a Pomoca Race 2.0, but boy do I wish I had just paid the cost 'cause now I'm buying twice. The Kohla Performance mohair is super plush, like a thick carpet, which means it's heavy and drags like crazy. In other words, the glide sucks and makes me confused as to how this is considered a race skin. However, if you want a really grippy skin, then this will do it for you. Moreover, I find these adhere very poorly in dry, cold c...
can't recommend these - the plastic part of the tip exploded into several pieces the first time i did a skin rip. didn't do anything out of the ordinary, nor am i crazy strong haha. they felt flimsy compared to pomoca tips too.
i always keep these in my pack and they work really well! keep my hands warm for skiing down and cold starts. i appreciate the opening in the middle which helps me quickly get my hands out for handling skins. also, one morning, i forgot my gloves at home and realized the only gloves i had on me were these overmitts. i decided to risk it all and skin up the mountain in 13F weather wearing only these over my bare hands, and lo and behold they were even TOO warm.
having put these through the wringer so far this season, I would highly recommend them. on their own, they're great for 25F and above temps, otherwise I pair them with lightweight base layers and am comfortable into the single digits. great durability, excellent fit + mobility, and they look sharp. not to mention skimo delivered them to my door next day, don't know how they get stuff out so fast. would definitely buy another pair!

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