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The Kohla race tips are a full-featured combo of bungees, rivets, and plastic end caps. The bungees come pre-attached to the plastic end caps. To attach to your skin material of choice, cut and fold some skin over the bungees. Punch or drill some holes and hammer the rivets in place. Adjust the stoppers for your desired tip offset, and tie a knot in the bungee above to keep them in place. Voila! Race skin. They also come with PVC reinforcements to prevent the bungee from ripping through the skin (or to fix one if it did already).

Sold as a set with enough hardware to complete 2 individual skins.

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Questions & Reviews

Alfredo A (used product a few times)
can't recommend these - the plastic part of the tip exploded into several pieces the first time i did a skin rip. didn't do anything out of the ordinary, nor am i crazy strong haha. they felt flimsy compared to pomoca tips too.
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Daniel M (used product regularly)
Very straightforward to install, and they're a breeze to transition with. This is my first season with them, and I've been using them a few days a week since late December and so far there isn't any significant wear. My only complaint is that the stopper on the bungee doesn't quite stay in place, but that doesn't really make a huge difference in terms of functionality.
Reply from jbo
Hi Dan, hopefully you've crimped the metal ring (it's designed to let you pick your ideal stretch-length and then set it with pliers). If you can't squeeze that tight enough, a knot will solve it.
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Colin D (used product regularly)
I bought these tips to pair with some Pomoca Race 2.0 skins that I cut to size. The tips are easy to install and I haven't had any problem with the rivets so far. The bungee and stopper are easy to use with gloves (thick and thin).
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Question from Greg
Any ETA on these coming back in stock?
Answer from TSB
Hey Greg, they should be on our way to us within the next week, so I'd say to expect them by the end of December at the latest.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
I feel vindicated now in my prior approval of these since so far I've seen them on skins or kits from four different brands (Kohla, La Sportiva, Pomoca, Hagan).
Bungee weight/elasticity is just right, grabber is the perfect size, length adjustment is a nice bonus, and crimping adjustment for the stopper's attachment point if you want to get really picky.
Only drawback is that I'm somewhat dubious of the rivets, so get a Speedy Stitcher Sewing awl, which will come in handy for other projects too.
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Model: I-Race Expander MPN: 1637-10v UPC: 9120038956719

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