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The Pierra Menta race is the Tour de France of skimo. The Dynastar Pierra Menta is one of the most decorated skis at the namesake race. A combination of lightness and impressive skiing often rocketed it to the top of the mountain and podium. The P.M. race ski is unusual in that has a full sidewall. That means edge hold and durability are top-notch. An ultralight wood core wrapped in carbon to make a light-n-stiff ski. The ski has a ton of camber underfoot so it has a lot of energy exiting turns and it propels your feet upward off the skin track (noting it can make skinning a touch more slippery). The tip features a standard race-notch and the flat tail offers back-seat support. Like most race skis, the turning radius is on the longer side which is good for race-style skiing that often features straight-lining, side-slipping, and emergency stops. The Dynastar Pierra Menta is a favorite race ski amongst top racers for good reason.

  • Carbon wrap around a Microcell foam core means high-performance and low-grams.
  • Full sidewall construction help protect the core and edges from rock damage.
  • Tip notch accepts pretty much all race skins you come across.
  • Sintered bases means a fast glide on the way down.
  • Available in both men’s and women’s lengths.

Update 2018/19: Dynastar updated the graphics, tweaked the shape of the tip notch, and updated the core resulting in a 25g per ski weight reduction.

Update 2021/22: There are some new graphics and modest construction tweaks to the same great ski.

Lengths (cm) 150, 160
convert to ounces
640g [150]
680g [160]
Weight (pair) 1280g [150]
1360g [160]
Dimensions   96-65-79
Turn Radius   20m [150]
23m [160]
Skin Fix   Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Lots of camber, light rocker
Shape   Round tip, long radius, flat tail
Construction   Full sidewall
Core   Microcell foam
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing
Notes Tip-to-tail sidewall means great edging
Bottom Line Championship-level race ski
Compare to other Race Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brian
Are you guys getting in any more 160s this year? Tks!
Answer from Niko M
Hi Brian! Unfortunately it is unlikely that we will see any more 160s this year.
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Question from Danny Van Wagoner
Hi, will these be re-stocked in 160cm size anytime soon? Thanks.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Danny, we just got one in today, actually!
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Question from aurelie
Hi there,
Any insights between this ski, the gara (ski trab) and the race pro 66 on the down and upill?
Thanks a lot
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Aurelie,

I will start with the up. From a purely weight standpoint, the Pierra Menta is the lightest of the bunch. However, the significant camber underfoot may require additional diligence when the skin track gets icy. Outside of minor details, for the most part, these skis will all be quite adept in a kick turn, and have all the usual mainstays of a race ski.

The downhill experience is the major differentiating factor. The Pierra Mentas are a total blast on the way down. Heavy camber and a full sidewall mean these skis can hold an edge in just about anything. Also, the stiff tail and longer turn radius will have you going faster than you really should be going on a ski that is 150-160cm long. Finally, a little rocker in the tip will keep you upright in softer snow.

The Ski Trab Gara World Cup is also an excellent ski. Relying on Ski Trab’s 14 layer construction, these skis are built to stand the test of time. They will be similarly stiff like the Pierra Menta, and are built for getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. Packed with intentional design features, the Gara World Cup is a top of the line race ski.

Compared with the prior skis, the Movement Race Pro 66 is quicker to turn and easier to initiate. These skis are great if you seek a slightly more forgiving race ski. However, they will still hold an edge well in firm snow, and are on the lighter end for a race ski.

For further questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from brendan
could you please tell me the width of the steel edges on the 15/16 model?
Answer from eric
Brendan, Edges are 1.6mm on the 15/16 model.
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Question from Pete
To add to my previous review. I broke the tip on some moderate moguls during a training run. I wasn't pushing especially hard, and I'm lightweight 140lbs, and average height 5'9". I bought them brand new, and skied them maybe 5 times. I've never broken a race ski before, and I was surprised by how easily these snapped. Will this be covered under warranty?
Answer from jbo
Hi Pete, yes it's likely a warranty case. Happy to take care of it, though I'm having trouble finding your order.
Answer from Pete
Ordered them overseas and the retailer seems quite unresponsive, supposedly not covered under their policy.
Answer from jbo
Yikes. Yeah warranty means something different in Europe.
Answer from Tomáš G
Happen the same to me. And another few people :-( ( Probably the best ski for skiing but they crack at the tip ) Will be nice to see from Dynastar how many people has the same issue.
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Pete (used product regularly)
I have the 2017/18 version, which from the pictures seems to be the same construction as the newest. This version is lighter than the specs shown here. My 160cm are 640g, that means paired with PG u77 bindings, Skis+Bindings+Screws come in under spec at 736g :)

They ski well, not noticeably better than other race skis I've been on. Perhaps slightly more damp do to the full length side walls.
Comment on this review:

Question from George
Why the new full black 2018/19 model is heavier than the older models aprox. 30 to 50 gr. ?
Answer from eric
Not sure. They are supposedly the same ski as the 17/18. Manufacturing tolerances is the best guess.
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Question from Tom
How is the downhill performance with this ski in typical race type snow conditions and terrain? Any comparisons to the Minum would be great. Any history regarding durability and quality of the construction?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tom! The downhill performance of this ski is wicked! They're very fast and energetic but also definitely require you to stay on top of it, the stiff tails will get away from you if you get thrown in the back seat. If you can stay forward though, these things are rockets. There's a substantial amount of camber in them and once it flattens out it produces a ton of tip rocker as opposed to the Minim which has a long running edge and a relatively low amount of camber. The Minim is smooth edge to edge, powerful, and stiff. Excellent complementary skis for each other. For flat out racing, I think the Pierra Menta takes the cake because of the standard 65mm width, but the Minim seems like it's very much at home in steep terrain.
Answer from Trace Leches
Sorry I didn't answer your question fully. No comments yet on durability with the sidewalls, edges, bases or topsheets or anything, though they feel solid. Time will tell. The Minim seems incredibly stout and we haven't seen a lot of (maybe any?) structural issues with it.
Answer from Tom N
Thanks for the insight. It sounds like the PM floats through powder and cut up snow pretty well then with the rocker? From your experience are the PM and Minim's pretty comparable in terms of stability through chopped up snow conditions? Last question, how does the uphill skinning compare?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, please note there was a good amount of rocker in the 2015/16 edition (also the one Trace is skiing), but that has largely disappeared in the newer version. The choppy snow is probably a touch easier with the rocker for most folks, and the running length will be a longer with the later edition. There seems to be a little more pop when skinning vs other race skis because of the camber, and the balance is largely determined by where you mount them.
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Model: Pierra Menta

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