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While escargot, crème brulee, croissants, and creamy camembert are wonderful, no list of French delicacies would be complete without mentioning the Pierre Gignoux Black. Handcrafted deep in the French Alps, each and every boot is meticulously built, ensuring quality and performance. With its athletic weight, the Black will have you wondering if it's time to replace the batteries in your scale. Rest assured, though, the batteries in your scale are just fine, the Black boot is really just that light! Compared to the race-specific Dynafit DNA by Pierre Gignoux, the Black features a full Palau liner and a medium gaiter to keep your feet warm and dry, which is quite welcome during a big day of powder harvesting. The nearly frictionless range of motion encourages speedy ascents while the 2-in-1 locking system encourages equally quick transitions while providing a secure platform for descending. The Internal Lacing System and velcro instep strap offer a precise fit, which is probably why Kilian Jornet uses these as his weapon of choice when executing flawless hop-turns down the steepest faces in Europe. As the most versatile boot in the Pierre Gignoux range, the Black is equally comfortable on the race course as it is doing 15K days. With its exquisite construction and well-rounded nature, you'll be happy to have brought home the Black Boot by Pierre Gignoux.

  • Carbon shell was meticulously built in the French Alps, ensuring quality and performance.
  • Medium gaiter keeps out unwanted snow, allowing your feet to remain dry and comfortable.
  • Black Sole is durable and provides confident traction on icy ridgelines.
  • Palau liner is comfortable and customizable, providing an individualized fit.
  • Internal Lacing System and an Instep strap provide a precise fit for confident skiing.
  • 2-in-1 locking system allows for quick transitions and provides a secure platform for the descending.
  • 26, 26.5, 27, and 27.5 are single sizes with unique boot sole lengths.
convert to ounces
681g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 1362g [27.5]
Buckles   One upper with a single throw
Boot Sole Length   248mm [23.0]
259mm [24.0]
269mm [25.0]
279mm [26.0]
284mm [26.5]
289mm [27.0]
294mm [27.5]
299mm [28.0]
309mm [29.0]
320mm [30.0]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   108°
Forward Lean(s)   12, 18
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon fiber
Liner   Palau
Sole   Black Sole
Skimo Co Says
Usage Big days on light skis
Notes Race boot with a full liner
Bottom Line Speed
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Questions & Reviews

Scott K (used product regularly)
Foot length measures 27.5 cm, I use size 28 for these. Length is fine, I would consider a 28.5 if it was an option for some extra width. For beef resort racing boots and beef touring boots I use Fischer boots in size 26.5. Sized these more like I would a trail runner; take the insole out, make sure your foot fits on the insole, if your foot fits on the insole, and the insole fits in the boot/shoe, your foot fits in the boot/shoe. I get a touch of pressure on the sides of my feet, but the liner makes up for it and if the pressure bothers me I loosen the laces.

These boots are legit. They ski really well, although I've only used these with the Trab Gara WC flex 70 ski, not anything wider under foot. Stiff enough to actually ski. Most of the time I keep the top strap somewhat loose and let the cord and liner foam provide some "progressive flex" while skiing. In walk mode, flexible enough to drive your car so you can save some time on some before-work skinning.

I've had these one season, using 4+ times a week mostly resort skinning, but also backcountry and multi-days. The only durability issue I've had is that, because I have cankles, the zipper separated from the gaiter on one boot. This was an easy at-home fix though using some aquaseal, masking tape over the zipper, and a couple popsicle sticks to apply even pressure provided by some clamps and binder clips. With how light this boot is, the small production volume nature, and really how well they ski and skin, I still give them 5 stars.

These are maybe the warmest ski boots I've ever had. In part because they don't cut off the circulation to my foot, but also because of the carbon construction. Thats great, but that also means that for extended uphill use in somewhat warm temps your foot will be soaked.

No problem with "heel hold" on these. I think in part due to my ski style. The only thing I notice is that if I don't tighten the strap over the top of my foot enough, my foot moves more within the boot while skinning and I'm more likely to get abrasions on my heel. Pre-taping my heel, and quickly retightening if necessary solves this issue, so not a big deal.

Only thing I wish was that there was some accessory that could protect the lower while kicking toes into scree in the spring. If that was the case I would only consider PG boots for BC skiing, I'm that impressed. Skis great, easy enough to put on after spending the night at ~0F, warm, comfortable, walks like a shoe.
Reply from Scott K
Compact liners easy to keep in your bag overnight, after slipping them back in the shells the boots are real quick to put back on.
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Martin (downright abused product)
Vive la chaussure noire! I took a chance and ordered these sight unseen direct from PG, because no-one in the US had them in stock in size 30. That was a bit risky, since return shipping would have been EUR 100 in each direction, but I needn't have worried. Right out of the box they were a near-perfect fit to my awkward feet (wide in front, low arches, narrow heels, bony ankles). My only change was to replace the stock insoles with a more supportive pair. Everything that says about comfort, light weight, range of motion, quick transitions and downhill control is true.

A few minor points:
- The soles don't have a mid-point marking.
- The BSL is a bit misleading. My PGs fit into exactly the same bindings as my old Dynafit TLT6s, even though the PG's BSL is 7mm shorter. That's because the PG's front pin inserts are much closer to the boot's front edge.
- If you want to attach a leash you'll have to get creative.
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Comment from Alfredo A
In case it's helpful to anyone, I thought I'd share my experience with PG boot sizing for a wider foot. My foot measures around 103/104mm forefoot width, so I've had trouble finding a pair of race boots that are comfortable without being sloppy.

While I'm normally a 27, I recently bought the PG Race 400 Pro in a size 27.5 - which is the same last as this PG Black boot, just minus the taller cuff. The way I arrived at this size choice was by emailing PG directly, who recommended the half size up for additional comfort after receiving my measurements.

At the same time, just to be sure, I also ordered the Black in a size 27. The Black fit, albeit at the much tighter end of a race fit. The Race Pro in 27.5, on the other hand, fits me like a glove and is the happiest my feet have ever been in ski boots.

In short, what everyone says about PG boots - namely that they are designed with a wider, more anatomical last in mind, is spot on. And yeah, they do have a lower volume (vertically) forefoot area, but this just adds to the amount of control they offer, unlike Scarpa and Atomic boots which, for me, have too much volume even with the boa cranked all the way down.
Reply from Shawn O
I have a pair of black and am thinking about the race pro, would you say sizing is consistent or does the race pro run a bit smaller? My blacks are a 27 and fit well (to slightly too loose on some days). Thanks.
Reply from Alfredo A
yeah sizing is consistent! i wouldn't change course if the blacks are working for you in 27. funny enough, i did just downsize my race pro from 27.5 to 27, because of some 'slightly loose' fit at times.
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Question from Matthew E
I have a pair of 27.5 Dynafit MEZZALAMA boots. Thinking about getting a lighter race boot

Two questions:
1.) How would the width / length of these boots in size 27.5 compare with the Mezzalama boots?
2.) How would these boots do on steep downhills (i.e. Pof4 race) vs. Mezzalama boots?

Answer from Emmett I

Shoot us an email at and we can go more in-depth!

In general, they fit fairly similar to the Mezzalama. Maybe a bit wider and a bit lower above the toes and midfoot. They'll be a bit stiffer, at least with regard to rearward flex. Lateral flex will be similar to the Mezzalama. Overall I'd be plenty comfortable steep skiing with the PG Blacks.
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Question from Radu D
What would be the biggest ski width to use with these boots?

Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Radu, I probably wouldn't suggest much over a lightweight 85mm in width on these! But this really does depend on the conditions, and who you ask.
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Question from Dane Burns
Will you be getting any of these in a 30? And any idea when you will have the 29s in the store? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Dane, PG does make a size 30. Skimo does not have any ordered.
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Question from Karl
Is size 29 the largest one that will be available? My size is 29.5 in most shoes and boots. I'm kinda toying with the, no doubt stupid, idea of ordering carbon fibre boots online based only on the fact that s/lab trail runners from the time of Kilian's cooperation with Salomon fit my feet pretty well (that's where any theoretical similarity between the two of us also ends).
Answer from Jeff
Hi Karl,
The first part is easy. PG makes true half sizes in sizes 26 and 27. Like all other boots, the 29 and 29.5 are one shell size.
In general, shoe and ski boot fits do not correlate. And there were many S/Lab models with different fits. If you are serious, fill out our Boot fitter, and we can help determine if they may work for you.
Answer from Karl
Frankly, I'm not sure if I'm serious. It really feels like a bad idea to buy this kind of a boot without trying it on first. I'm certainly looking for a pair of race boots, although probably more in the workhorse rather than the thoroughbred category if you know what I mean. These are also a bit over what my intended budget was but then the price seems to be kind of acceptable for a pair of PG's. And I was talking S/lab Sense 8 and Pulsar (the latter being marginally too tight in the forefoot) if that makes any difference. Likely not much. Well, they aren't available yet and I have plenty of time snooping around. I most likely will give Atomics one more chance this winter just because their fit (with added insoles) was close to perfect. Thanks for your answer regarding PG's sizing!
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