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At long last, Kohla’s premium race material is available off the roll in wider widths! Reuse the hardware from your worn-out skins, use Race Tips, or piece together your dream skin setup with new skin parts. In either case, you’ll benefit from the easy-to-use Smart Glue, rubber Fiber Seal backing material, and excellent gliding properties of the 100% race mohair. With a width of 110mm, these can be trimmed to fit a variety of skis and the length is up to you. Please note these are sold by the centimeter, and that you most likely have to double your quantity if you want to cover two skis.

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Questions & Reviews

Alfredo A (used product regularly)
This is not a good skin (for my purposes). I bought it because it was cheaper than a Pomoca Race 2.0, but boy do I wish I had just paid the cost 'cause now I'm buying twice.

The Kohla Performance mohair is super plush, like a thick carpet, which means it's heavy and drags like crazy. In other words, the glide sucks and makes me confused as to how this is considered a race skin. However, if you want a really grippy skin, then this will do it for you.

Moreover, I find these adhere very poorly in dry, cold conditions after only one or two transitions. And last but not least but the hardware is crazy fragile - the tabs on my pair broke the first skin rip I ever did.

When Pomoca exists there's just no reason to buy these. Learn from my mistakes!
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