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Here's something! Blizzard decided to apply their years of Zero G know-how to a specialized ski mountaineering tool. The LT 80 is a finely crafted ski that provides the ultimate confidence in steep terrain. A long running edge, subtle rocker, and tapered tail make precision jump turns and side-slipping quite comfortable. The tweaked Carbon Drive chassis from the Zero G construction makes sure the ski won't fold on you and the mini-sidewall forces the edges into a firm surface. A consistent flex offers the repeatability necessary to have the courage to make the next leap. The Blizzard Zero G LT 80 will be a ski mountaineering staple for years to come.

  • Carbon Drive LT is a uni-directional fiber wrap offers a round flex and torsional stiffness.
  • Wider tip and tapered tail help plane up if the conditions get a little manky.
  • Small camber and gentle rocker are the perfect combo for steep confidence.
  • TrueBlend core has a bit of pop and edge dampening for a stable feel.
  • Mini sidewalls eat into firm snow and add some durability.
  • Tip is notched so you can use a race-style skin system.
Lengths (cm) 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
955g [164]
1040g [171]
1100g [178]
Weight (pair) 1910g [164]
2080g [171]
2200g [178]
Dimensions   108-80-94 [164]
108-80-94 [171]
110-80-96 [178]
Turn Radius   20.0m [164]
21.0m [171]
22.0m [178]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Small amount of camber, subtle rocker tip and tail
Shape   Wider shovel, tapered tail
Construction   Carbon Drive LT
Core   Poplar and Paulownia TrueBlend core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mountaineering
Notes Mini vertical sidewall underfoot
Bottom Line Stable, round flexing ski for big objectives
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nicolas
I want a new kit of ski and I’m thinking about the 80UL and I’m not sure about the size for this kit. I’m 5pi11 66kg and I want something short for steep skiing, 164 or definitely 171 ?
I already have a zero G95 178 for powder day and that’s a perfect kit. Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Nicolas, you mean 5' 11" then I would say 171. These aren't too demanding and are really fun to ski, no need to go super short.
Answer from Nicolas T
Do you think that in other type/brand of ski (except for Skimo my DNA 162) might be a 164, or do you think that my shortest ski would be a 171 for steep skiing ? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Nicolas, there are no rules of course, and you could have fun on 164s. High 160s would still be in your sweet spot.
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Question from Travis
Would you consider this a race plus ski? I’m not really interested in going full skimo race ski, but for on-piste fitness I know I can get away with using an expert level ski since the conditions are more consistent. Basically, I want a great on-piste carving ski at around 1 kilo. For reference I use Hagan Core 89s today—no intention to get rid of them but they are more forgiving in less than ideal conditions but come in at 1.3 kilos.
Answer from jbo
Hi Travis, absolutely! They are great on smooth snow and actually more forgiving than the other Zero Gs in variable conditions owing to the TrueBlend core, which is custom designed per ski length. It's a very approachable ski.
Answer from Travis
jbo, what other skis would you slot into the race plus category?
Answer from jbo
Hi Travis, we only use that descriptor specifically for boots. I understood what you meant to be ~1kg fitness skis, which includes lots of options in the "mountaineering" category drop down. The Race Pro line from Movement is the only group there that is really pushing the boundary on weight and what I might call oversized race skis. The rest are fairly versatile and could be used for mountaineering and such, with various strengths and weaknesses.
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Question from David
Hi, I'm in the market for skimo type 70-80mm waist skis and don't even know where to begin. I'm based in the Portland area where the shops only rent out 95mm+. Do you guys know of any demo days near here? Or do you rent out skis in this category if I came to SLC? Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, David! We don't have any information regarding demo's in your area, sorry about that. We absolutely rent skis and would love to set you up if you are in the area! Please feel free to give us a call or send an email to if you have specific questions regarding what we have available.
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Question from Michael K
How do these compare to the Dynafit Blacklight Pro, the Wayback 80, or the Atomic UL 78? The specs of all of these look very similar. Is it fair to say that all skis in this width and weight category are relatively stiff, due to the lightweight carbon material? In your experience, does the stiffer flex impact performance in powder and if yes, how so exactly? Thanks in advance.
Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, the Blizzard LT 80s are awesome. Touch softer than the Blacklights but super reliable on edge. The Wayback 80s feel like windshield wipers...a strange amount of rocker. The Atomics are a bit more playful. None of these are powder skis of course but there is nothing about their flex that would inhibit enjoying some powder!
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Question from Benjamin S
In what scenarios would you recommend this Zero G 80 LT over Blizzard's Zero G 85 (or 95)?

I'm looking for a ski for PNW volcanoes and the High Sierra in the spring. Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Benjamin, I would recommend the 80 LT over the 85 for most steep or adventure skiing scenarios. It's skis just as well (if not better) while being lighter weight and more nimble on the skintrack. The 85 offers slightly more float making it a tad more versatile as an all-rounder, but most folks would prefer the 95 in powder and potentially PNW mank.
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Question from Christian
Will the LT configuration be available in any other widths? Be great to see it in the 105.
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for reaching out, Christian. At this time we aren't aware of any other skis in the Blizzard line getting the LT treatment.
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Question from TSB
Would love to hear some more thoughts on this ski and how it feels on-snow from Dr. Borro or others who have gotten some turns on it thus far. East Coasters are curious!
Answer from eric
Hi East Coaster, The new Blizzard is fun, playful, but very solid on edge ski. With just enough forgiveness to make sure you dont get extra puckered on already steep terrain.
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Question from Zach W
What's the point? Just a bit narrower and a bit lighter to fill in the Zero G lineup?
Answer from jbo
Hi Zach, the LT 80 is definitely a different ski as compared to the other Zero Gs. It uses a new layup ("Carbon Drive LT") that has a different feel, really at home in the steeps. Also, tip notch!
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Question from Jonathan
Is this a next-season ski with a limited release this year? Any chance of getting a 178?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jonathan, yes that's right. We've had the opportunity to ski and stock them. We do expect a few 178s, but don't have a concrete date. Please reach out via email to reserve a pair.
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Model: Zero G LT 80

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