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The 'Free' in 'Free Pro 2.0' is there because these skins are so light, you might become confused while skinning and believe that you've floated free from the constraints of gravity. The Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 skins are a 70/30 mohair blend sewn onto an ultra-thin, ultra-packable backing material. Sprinkled with Pomoca's industry topping waterproof coating and shipped with a traditional tip basket and elastic tail strap, these skins have turned heads throughout the ski world and have inspired many ski mountaineers to make the switch to pink skins. Pomoca set out to build a skin that would appeal to ski mountaineers with their light weight, and appeal to freeskiers with their width. The Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 ticks all the boxes you need to summit a mountain in the morning and to charge a spine in the afternoon.

  • At 123mm or 140mm wide, these skins fit the fattest powder skis and come with a quick trimming tool to customize for the most efficient skinning experience.
  • Grams add up, and with that in mind, Pomoca used SSL (Safer Skin Light) membranes, cutting roughly 12% or 60-75g of weight from each pair of skins.
  • Pomoca Ever Dry 2.0 is more environmentally friendly than the original Ever Dry, and coats the entire skin in a hydrophobic layer.
  • The metal Fat Lock tip clip fits any ski, and doesn't require a pinhole or notch -- it just clips over the front of the ski.
  • Ultra-thin backing material means the skins pack down into a tiny package that fits in many jacket pockets.
  • The way Pomoca weaves their fibers ensures longevity, glide and most importantly, grip.
  • A 90mm elastic strap on the tail of the skin adjusts easily for length and offers reliable hold.

Update 2020/21: The skins are now made with redesigned Click Lock tip attachments and tail hooks that enhance durability and versatility. Packaged in a cool new zippered case, these skins have the same climbing prowess and amazing glue that one expects from the Pomoca name.

Weight per skin (with backing) 240g [123mm x 155-170]
250g [123mm x 165-180]
286g [140mm x 165-180]
304g [140mm x 175-190]

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jon
What size would you recommend for skis that are 170 cm (131 mm - 106 mm - 121 mm)? I was thinking 123 mm in a medium (165 - 180 cm).
Answer from Emmett I

Yep, 123mm x 165-180 would work great!
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Michael H (used product regularly)
I was suspicious of the grip of these skins at first but they've been great, even on relatively steep refrozen skin tracks. The glide is excellent after a day or two break in period as well - you'll out-glide your friends and catch your breath on those annoying rolling approaches.

The packability is pretty incredible too - they fit in my jacket pockets even though they're cut for 185 long x 108 mm skis! The pomoca glue is also the perfect stickiness and has yet to let me down.

Only downside is pomoca ships them with this smelly potpourri stuff. I am a scentless laundry detergent kind of guy so I really didn't appreciate it but a lot of people like it.
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Question from Ian Whidden
I am trying to determine what size skin for my K2 Wayback 106 mens skis (2024 model). The dimensions are 132 - 106 - 121. They are 179 cm in length.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Ian,

For width, you will want the 123mm option. For length, you could go with the 165-180cm or the 175-190cm. Either will work, you will have more coverage with the longer skin, and more tail strap to grab for tail rips. Conversely, you may get a bit better glide, and less skin material, with the smaller skin.
Answer from Ian W
Hello, so the 132mm width on the front of the ski won't be an issue with the 123mm option? If so, why not?
Answer from Carlos M
Not at all! You do not need full coverage at the tip of the ski. Your grip mostly comes from underfoot, and besides, with a ski like the Wayback, the ski is rockered in the front and so the tip will not even contact the snow normally. For general use, we recommend matching the width of the skin to the width of the tail, minus a few millimeters for the edges. If you go wall-to-wall at the front, you will also have more glue overhanging the sides when you fold the skins glue-to-glue, which can be annoying.
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Question from Junshu
I am looking for skins for my backland 100 . The length is 172 cm . Which one should I choose
Answer from Niko M
Hi Junshu! The 123mm x 165-180cm is the size for you. Thanks!
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Question from Courtney
Hi all, I am trying to figure out sizing for the skins to get for some Line Pandora 104 skis with 165cm in length and width dimensions of 137/104/121 mm?? Would the 123mm x 165-180 be too big or should I go with the 123mm x 155-170 be a better chose? I figured the 140mm would be too big and require trimming the entire length...I am worried the 123mm isn't enough coverage. Advice would be much appreciated.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Courtney! For your ski, I'd suggest the 123mm x 155cm-170cm. This size would provide enough tail to grab and rip from and reduces the overall amount of skin material when compared to the 165cm-180cm. The 123mm will provide plenty of coverage. Thanks!
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Question from Fede
What size skin for this model do I need to order for the Salomon MTN 96 Carbon (174 length) and Salomon QST 106 (181 length) for some reason i get super confused with skins! Appreciate the help!
Answer from jbo
Hi Fede, for either ski the 123mm wide version is sufficient. Then it's just a matter of slotting the ski length into the skin's length-range. 165-180 for the 174 and 175-190 for the 181. Happy skinning!
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Question from Will
Howdy, what size would you recommend for the K2 wayback 88 in 174cm (121 - 88 - 109)? The medium (165-180) skin feels like the right length but 123mm feels overkill for width. Would 100mm in another model be better? Thanks,
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Will,

Free Pro is great stuff. We may not have it here, but we can build you a skin with  100mm Free Pro! Just shoot us an email ( with what you want and we can set that up for you. Or, you can order the appropriate tip and tail fixes, and build it yourself. Overall, I agree that 123mm width would be too much for that ski.

Alternatively, if you want to stick with a trim-to-fit Pomoca, the Climb 2.0 is available in 100mm width.
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Question from Mike F
Hi I’m looking to get a set of these skins for my faction la machine mega 178s I’m guessing to go with the 140 x 175-190 size then trim as needed … would that correct ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, that would certainly give you full coverage and max grip. If you prefer a little less material (more packable, more glide), you could go as small as 123 x 165-180 which would still be full coverage in the tail where it's most important. The strap would be on the short side, the longer length would give you more to grab for a skis-on rip.
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Question from Tom
Hey guys, will the 175-190cm length fit on a 192cm ski? I'm not worried about skin coverage under the tail, but obviously need to strap to be long enough. Cheers, Tom.
Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, it can depend on the tip shape of your ski. A very blunt nose might keep the skin more forward, though you can swap tip buckles to adjust where it sits.
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Marshall P (used product regularly)
I got these skins for my Voile V8s, mostly because I was looking for something packable that grip enough for powder days. These skis certainly delivered on the packability, and they more than hold up to any sort snow! I absolutely love these skins, the material is thin but apparently very durable. They pack smaller than my Voile skins (also made by pomoca) cut to a 95mm waisted ski (for comparison, my V8s have a 115mm waist). I really have to search for something objectively negative to say. The only potentially negative would be that they don't rip as easily as my voile skins since the material isn't as rigid. That said, I can still rip them with my skis on, just not as smoothly. BUT, these pack sooooo much smaller! I also think -- with no way to prove it -- that since the backing material is thinner, it gives you a better edge contact when you need it most. I plan to use this skin exclusively from now on and it will replace my others as they wear out. Great grip, great glide, immensely packable, and the hot pink is pretty cool too.

BTW, I have used these on icy conditions as well and they performed just fine.
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Question from Matt
Hey. Can anyone provide some insight on grip comparison between the free pro and the climb pro s-glide? I understand the climb pro s-glide should grip a bit better than these but I'm having a hard time finding any experience or elaboration on it.

I tour in the northeast and while I've been touring for over a decade and am not new to skinning technique, there are always some tricky ascents while searching for new zones.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Matt, in my experience the Free Pro 2.0 offers the best grip. I've demoed the Climb Pro S-Glide and have had friends use them and in most cases, they seem more slippery. I can't say this is how it is for every user, but that is my experience.
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Question from Zach
Howdy, I was wondering what size you would recommend using with a Voile HyperVector BC in 177, 130-96-114? Would the 123 work or should I trim down the 140? And I'm guessing 165-180 rather than 175-190? Thanks, Zach
Answer from jbo
Hi Zach, the 123 is sufficient...just a few mils of edge exposed in the widest part of the shovel which will be no problem. Bit of a preference on the length, I personally prefer less material to a longer tail to grab when ripping off the skins.
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EG1 (downright abused product)
I frickin love this skin!! It is so light and packable that you almost don't know you have it in your chest when tucked away between laps. Like all other Pomoca products, the glue is super reliable and also easy to tear off - never had any struggle ripping skins with skis on/quickly at the top. The tail and tip clip are also pretty bomber (although will say I have broken one tip clip due to knocking skis accidentally while climbing).

Of course, being so light there is the question about grip - but I have found them to be just as reliable as all other options even in icy or spring conditions.
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Pavek (downright abused product)
Awesome weight, packability, and very resistant to glop with no additional treatment or wax.

After 2 seasons of heavy use they are starting to show some signs of wear but I'm very happy with their performance.
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Question from Tom Jerram
Im looking for a psir of skins to work with 170cm blizzard zero G 95s, and 172 volkl blaze 94s
Will the 123mm x 155-170 mm stretch long enough for the 172? (Im not bothered if there is less tail coverage)
Answer from Ian C
Hi Tom, unfortunately, the tail strap will not be able to stretch past 170cm. The 165-180cm adjustable length should be able to fit both! For this skin specifically, we currently only have the 140mm width in stock which would be totally fine. You will need to trim a little extra to make it fit your skis.
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Question from James
Hello, I've got the Atomic Bent Chetler 100's (180 length, tip width 129.5). Would the 140mm x175-190cm skins be the way to go?

Answer from Tristan M
Hi James,

Based on the tail width of 120mm on your Bent Chetler 100's, I would go with the 120mm x 175-190cm. However, since we do not have that in stock currently, the 140mm x 175-190cm will certainly work, you will just have some additional trimming to do. For other skin options, feel free to reach out to us at!
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Question from jaysun
What size would you recommend for the Wildcat Tour Alpine Touring Ski
Size: 184cm?
Answer from Cole P
Hi Jaysun,
You'll want the 140mm x 175-190cm, which we unfortunately do not have in stock at the moment, though we are expecting more soon. If you shoot us an email at, we can set you up to receive an email as soon as they arrive.
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Question from Justin
I bought a set of these from you guys last year, so about 1.5 seasons of use. I've become very disappointed with the glue. My previous Pomocas had awesome glue. I'm really surprised at the amount of snow these allow to creep in under the tips and tails, and now even further towards the middle. Any chance there were more reports of similar from last year? Bad batch of glue? the weight, compactness, grip and glide are all fantastic.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Justin, thanks for reaching out, I'm sorry to hear about the glue issues! We haven't heard about a bad batch of glue, but we'll do a little more digging. Could you please email( us a few photos of these skins, showing both the glue side as well as the plush side?
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Question from Tristan Newbon
any chance you folks will be getting another size run this season? I'd like a
123mm x 165-180.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Tristan,

Sadly, we will not be receiving any further shipments of Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 trim to fit skins this season. However, we do have plenty of Free Pro 2.0 available Off The Roll in the 140mm width if you would like to embark on a custom build!
Answer from jbo
Nice line! Good squiggle density.
Answer from Tristan N
Thanks SkiMo - good solution I'll go that direction... gotta keep working on my squiggle density, Thanks jbo :)
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Question from skipiggy
How do these compare with the Race Pro 2.0? If they don't, what's the skin most similar to the Race Pro 2.0, but for wider skis (141-113-132).
Answer from Zak M
Hey Skippiggy, probably the most comparable to the Race Pro 2.0 that is 100% mohair for fatter skis would be the Pomoca Mohair Skins.
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