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Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Skins

Brand: Pomoca
Model: Free Pro 2.0
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The 'Free' in 'Free Pro 2.0' is there because these skins are so light, you might become confused while skinning and believe that you've floated free from the constraints gravity. The Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 skins are a 70/30 mohair blend sewn onto an ultra-thin, ultra-packable backing material. Sprinkled with Pomoca's industry topping waterproof coating and shipped with a traditional tip basket and elastic tail strap, these skins have turned heads throughout the ski world and have inspired many ski mountaineers to make the switch to pink skins. Pomoca set out to build a skin that both ski mountaineers and freeskiers could use without compromise, and the Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 ticks all the boxes you need to set an FKT in the morning and to charge a spine in the afternoon.

  • At 123mm or 140mm wide, these skins fit the fattest powder skis and come with a quick trimming tool to customize for the most efficient skinning experience.
  • Grams add up, and with that in mind, Pomoca used SSL (Safer Skin Light) membranes, cutting roughly 12% or 60-75g of weight from each pair of skins.
  • Pomoca Ever Dry 2.0 is more environmentally friendly than the original Ever Dry, and coats the entire skin in a hydrophobic layer.
  • The metal Fat Lock tip clip fits any ski, and doesn't require a pinhole or notch-- it just clips over the front of the ski.
  • Ultrathin backing material means the skins pack down into a tiny package that fits in many jacket pockets.
  • The way Pomoca weaves their fibers ensures longevity, glide and most importantly, grip.
  • A 90mm elastic strap on tail of the skin adjusts easily for length and offers reliable hold.

weight (per skin, with plastic) 240g [123mm x 155-170]
250g [123mm x 165-180]
286g [140mm x 165-180]
304g [140mm x 175-190]

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