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Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Skins

Brand: Pomoca
Model: Free Pro 2.0
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The 'Free' in 'Free Pro 2.0' is there because these skins are so light, you might become confused while skinning and believe that you've floated free from the constraints of gravity. The Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 skins are a 70/30 mohair blend sewn onto an ultra-thin, ultra-packable backing material. Sprinkled with Pomoca's industry topping waterproof coating and shipped with a traditional tip basket and elastic tail strap, these skins have turned heads throughout the ski world and have inspired many ski mountaineers to make the switch to pink skins. Pomoca set out to build a skin that both ski mountaineers and freeskiers could use without compromise, and the Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 ticks all the boxes you need to set an FKT in the morning and to charge a spine in the afternoon.

  • At 123mm or 140mm wide, these skins fit the fattest powder skis and come with a quick trimming tool to customize for the most efficient skinning experience.
  • Grams add up, and with that in mind, Pomoca used SSL (Safer Skin Light) membranes, cutting roughly 12% or 60-75g of weight from each pair of skins.
  • Pomoca Ever Dry 2.0 is more environmentally friendly than the original Ever Dry, and coats the entire skin in a hydrophobic layer.
  • The metal Fat Lock tip clip fits any ski, and doesn't require a pinhole or notch-- it just clips over the front of the ski.
  • Ultrathin backing material means the skins pack down into a tiny package that fits in many jacket pockets.
  • The way Pomoca weaves their fibers ensures longevity, glide and most importantly, grip.
  • A 90mm elastic strap on the tail of the skin adjusts easily for length and offers reliable hold.

weight (per skin, with plastic) 240g [123mm x 155-170]
250g [123mm x 165-180]
286g [140mm x 165-180]
304g [140mm x 175-190]
Question from Gaston F
Will you get more of the 123mm x 155-170 this season? If so, do you have an approximate ETA? Thanks!
Answer from TSB
Hi Gaston, ideally we will see this size of the Free Pro 2.0 by the end of next week.
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Question from toddball
What is the width of the tip loop?
Answer from Jeff M
Todd, Pomoca includes Two tip loops, 85 and 95mm wide. They also include an extra pair of tail clips. Very Thoughtful.
Answer from Patrick C

The tip loop on the 123mm wide skins is 95mm. For the 140mm skins it is 105mm with an optional 95mm tip loop included. Hope that helps!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from Greg
Can these be fitted with Pomoca z hooks for the tip attachment? I’d like to put these on some la Sportiva skis with the hole at the tip. Thanks!
Answer from Patrick C

You can retrofit these skins with a Z Hook. The one thing that could cause an issue is if you are already at the maximum length of the tail clip as you will need to cut off the front of the skin to remove the current tip attachment. If you have further questions please reach out to us at help@skimo.co. Have fun out there!

Patrick // Skimo Co
Answer from Jeff M
Greg, Yes they will. Currently, we are out of them.
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Question from Danielle Snyder
Hello! I have the DPS Tour1 Wailer 112 RP2 skis in a 168 cm. The dimensions are 141 / 112 / 128.

What size of Free Pro 2.0 skins do you recommend?
Answer from TSB
Hey Danielle! Great choice, the pink Pomocas pair nicely with Bob Marley's band. With your ski dimensions, I'd recommend the 123mm x 155-170cm skins. They will give you solid coverage through the kick zone of the ski while cleaving weight from the tip and tail.
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by Oakley (used product regularly)
I'd have to agree with skimo.co's description of these skins - they are ridiculously light and packable for a mixed mohair skin. They are notably more compact and lightweight than the BD mohair mix skins that are the closest direct comparison I have in my quiver. Climbing traction/glide feels about the same as other mohair mix skins.

After owning three pairs of BD skins and two pairs of Pomoca skins, I have developed a strong preference for Pomoca glue. In my experience, it stays adhere to skis as good or better than the BD glue, but is much easier to pull apart if you stick your skins together after transitioning.
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Question from jeff
I'm trying to decide between the Free Pro 2.0 and the Climb Pro S-Glide. My skis are Moment Deathwish Tour 184 cm. I have used the Climb Pro S-Glide in the past and been very happy with them. I am thinking about the Free Pro skins due to the wight savings and better packability.

Is this a good choice? And are there any significant trade offs between the Climb Pro S-Glide and Free Pro 2.0? Are there any skins I should be thinking about? Thanks.
Answer from TSB
Hey Jeff! Good call on the Free Pro 2.0s, the are just about the lightest and most packable mohair-mix skin around. You'll certainly shed some grams from your Climb Pro S-Glides, with the slight downside of losing a little bit of grip (the fibers on the plush of the Free Pros are notably shorter than on other Pomoca carpets). I'd only advise against the Free Pros if you were frequently going to be skinning through super-wet conditions (in which case the treatment on the Climb Pro S-Glides would give them an advantage), or only using them in dry, crystalline snow, in which case a pure mohair skin like the Colltex Mohairs would be ideal.
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Question from justin
So whats the difference between these and the yellow Climb 2.0 skins? Do these have the S-Glide treatment? As I mentioned in a question about different skins, I have some Pro S-Glides and they're awesome, but something a bit more packable would be great..
Answer from Jeff M
Justin, By Pomocas measurements they are pretty close, the same grip, but the Climb 2.0 have better glide. The Free Pro has the S Glide treatment and I feel they have great glide. These have to be the most compact wide skin available. I have been using them for the past month and would recommend them to everybody.
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Comment from JPM
Thanks for recommending these for my narrower pair of touring skis. The Free Pro 2.0 have the same great grip and glide of S-Glides but pack much smaller.
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Question from Luke Salvato
I have a Voile v6 183 (dimensions are 133/100/113) and am hoping to get these skins if they will fit. Which size should I buy if any?

Thank you :)
Answer from TSB
Hey Luke -- for nearly-full coverage with a bit of exposed base at the tip of the ski, I'd go for the 123mm x 175-190cm, which should be available very soon!
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