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The Ski Trab Ortles 90 ski is for the skier who expects one ski to handle any terrain in any condition, all without sacrificing uphill performance, and keeps you motivated to go back lap after lap. The Ortles 90 uses a Liwood air core in conjunction with their acclaimed 14-layer construction for a smoother ride down with a minimal weight cost. Hibox torsion control aids torsional stiffness without compromising the longitudinal flex of the ski, allowing it to perform exceptionally in steep terrain without giving up any soft snow performance. A 14-layer construction plus Hiconnect edge connection lends the ski remarkable longevity. Hiconnect joins the two edges internally in a specific manner, ensuring that even after multiple impacts the base and edges will stay where they should be. Emotion and Control are the values Ski Trab set to embody and you will be sure to feel both with the Ortles 90 ski.

  • Attivo shock absorber eats up vibrations which enhances stability.
  • Duotail keeps rigidity when the ski is flat while improving performance when the ski is on edge.
  • Hibox micro mesh carbon cage wraps around the core providing high torsional stiffness without sacrificing the flex pattern.
  • Hiconnect connects the edges internally which gives the ski exceptional longevity even after multiple impacts.
  • Noshock is an elastomer band position on the edges that make the skis more stable and with less chatter.
  • Control flex combines the radius of the side cut with the flex of the ski which makes transitions between turns effortless.
  • Radius control will help the ski drive the skier into the turns.
Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
1090g [157]
1120g [164]
1175g [171]
1240g [178]
Weight (pair) 2180g [157]
2240g [164]
2350g [171]
2480g [178]
Dimensions   122-90-109 [All sizes]
Turn Radius   20.0m [157]
20.5m [164]
21.5m [171]
23.6m [178]
Skin Fix   Attivo 2 Tip and Tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Control Progressive Flex; contact points moved out for longer tip/tail
Shape   Control radius technology; moved widest point of tip forward, Duotail
Construction   14-layer Attivo process w/ HiBox carbon cage and HiConnect bridge
Core   Li-wood core, carbon HM, carbon-basalt reinforcement
Skimo Co Says
Usage Fast and light ski touring
Notes New geometry for better control and float
Bottom Line Do everything ski for the expert skier
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Matt L
For someone that has been skitrab curious and gets intrigued when they go on sale but wouldn't consider themselves an expert... is this the most approachable ski from them (it seems that way based on reviews but I'm curious is the differences are negligible)? My only reference point for comparison is the Backland 85 and a demo day on the Hagan Ultra 89
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Matt,

I do think this is the most approachable ski in their line that we carry, other than the Gavia 85, which is a fair amount softer and ideally suited to a lighter weight skier. The Ortles has a relatively stiffer flex still, compared to some other 90-underfoot skis, but it is rounder and more willing to be skied from a neutral stance and at lower speeds than the aramid-core Trab skis. I don't think you have to be an expert skier to enjoy this ski, although if you like a ski that turns quickly, this may not be your best option. All of the Trab skis have a long turn radius and like to make longer, smooth, sweeping turns and hang out in the fall line.
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Carlos M (used product regularly)
This was the first ski I demoed from Skimo Co, and it left a pretty strong impression. After taking out the demos a few more times, I ordered a pair for myself. I've now spent around four days on the demos, and about the same number on my pair. Out of the Trab lineup, I've skied the Magico.2, Mistico.2, Maestro.2, and the Ortles. They are all excellent skis, but I think the Ortles is the most versatile as a daily driver. Despite sharing the exact same shape, the Mistico.2 is a much more aggressive ski.

This ski is very light, and mounted with a race binding, it is light enough for most objectives. It would make a great mountaineering ski. The edge hold and dampening are confidence-inspiring in steep, firm terrain. But it is also a fun, surfy ski in powder. I have skied it in conditions ranging from firm, chalky steeps, to waist-deep powder, and it has been fun throughout. While it would ski well with a light boot, I have had zero issues skiing it with my Tecnica Zero G Tour Pros. It is a strong enough ski to be driven with a stiff boot. I am 5'11, 145lbs and I ski the 171cm.

Like all the Trab skis, Ortles likes to be skied aggressively and prefers longer radius turns. But it is also willing to make shorter turns, and more forgiving of a centered stance than the Magico or Mistico. It is an expert's ski, but it isn't excessively punishing or demanding, and it can be pushed into different turn shapes and different speeds. It has some pop and energy but is very stable at speed. It is nimble enough for tight trees if you can keep up with it.

I'm looking forward to using this ski as a daily driver in the Wasatch, and as an objective ski this spring/summer for bigger days in Washington.

If you are considering this ski, I highly recommend the precut Ski Trab skins. They are excellent.
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Brian O (downright abused product)
This is a great all-round ski. I have about 90 days on this ski, on snow ranging from perfect powder or full depth hoar to various crusts, corn, and deep slush. It's a keeper.

I am 6', 166lbs, usually carried a 15-30lb pack. I bought this ski in 171cm length, directly from SkiTrab, with a discount.

This ski tracks well in variable snow and hard, rough refrozen snow. The relatively soft tip helps the ski to float well in powder, with a depth limit of about 35-40cm of powder. The stiff tail provides reassurance on hard snow, and plenty of response for the aggressive skier. I haven't been able to find a speed limit yet in a ski resort. My partner has this ski and concurs with my assessment of its performance.

The durability has been great. The topsheet is tough. The edges are holding up. I did get a pull-tension crack in one edge after 1500 or so miles. That was probably due to bottoming out with my SkiTrab race bindings where I only have 4mm of travel, and less when walking flat. I ski downhill in the unofficial flat walk mode often while walking ridges. It probably happened then.

I like the tip and tail clip design. The miniature swallow tail helps the ski turn with a shorter radius, and holds the tail end of the skin very securely. The tip holds the skin's tip well, keeps the skin hook out of the way so it doesn't get knocked off while wallowing in deep powder, all while allowing an effective tip rip.

This is a great all-round ski.
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Question from Anthony
Skier 5'10", 175 lbs. What are the relative merits of 164 cm vs 171 cm?
Answer from Emmett I

The 164 will be easier to jump turn and kick turn and more maneuverable in trees and steeps. The 171 will be a bit more stable at speed, and float better in soft snow. I think I would err towards the 171 for you. Unless you're looking for a dedicated steep ski, the 171 will be much more capable, and still isn't long enough to be much of a hassle kick/jump turning.
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Question from YH T
Hi, I am eyeing on these side by side with the ski trab Bernina (and 164 vs 171) as I am getting my first touring setup. Looking for some advice on which may fit me better. For reference, I am 5'9, 130lbs and leaning towards skiability. I found the 164cm version of these two are both 2mm wider underfoot, does it might shorter version is more versatile?Considered most website claiming 85-95 to be best spot of daily driver. From official website the ortles is considered to be stiffer than the Bernina. But there isn't any review about Bernina at all. So wondering if you have any experience about these ski? Any suggestions on the topic?
Answer from Jeff
Hello YH, Ski Trab makes most of their skis in 3 different constructions/Flexes. In this series, the Bernina is the softest flexing one, same in every other respect.
At 130lbs, you would probably do well in the Bernina.
Skimo doesn't carry it, and is not sold in the US.
Personally, I weigh only 150lbs and ski the stiffest, the Magico.2. So the Ortles would still be a good choice for you. The Ortles would be better on firm snow then the Bernina.
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Question from Ben
I'm very intrigued by these. I have pretty bad technique and rely on easygoing skis to get me down the mountain in one piece. I demoed the Magico.2 and found it difficult to break the tails free in tight spots, but I was very impressed by their stability at speed for such light skis. Does the shape of the Ortles allow for more nimble turning than the Magico or should I be looking at other brands? My favorite ski I've tried in this category is the Dynafit Blacklight 88, and I would have bought it except I found the fat tips prone to catching on crusty snow, and these seem like a more refined version of the Blacklight.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ben, the Ortles is going to ski a little easier than the Magicos, but is not going to be the quickest ski out there. I'd suggest looking at a ski with a more friendly rocker profile that'll break and turn with more agility. The Blacklight 88 that you've tried could be a good option there, and I'd suggest looking at some options from Salomon, Atomic, DPS, or Voile to hit the combination you're looking for.
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Robert A (used product regularly)
Wonderful, easy to ski powder ski. Paired with the ski trab skins, the ability to tip rip, combined with the "shark fin" tail clip makes for fast transitions and skin security...meaning more skiing and less standing around. Easier to ski than the blizzard zero g, without sacrificing stiffness or playfulness. Great quiver killing, daily driver ski.
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