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DryGuy Boot Gloves

Brand: DryGuy
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Light ski boots tend to be made with thinner plastic and liners. That means you have less material insulating you from the cold. Instead of going heavier for warmth, just slip on some hip boot gloves. These neoprene insulators have simple elastic Velcro straps that securely wrap around a ski boot to add warmth. They block the wind and trap air which acts as insulation. The Boot Gloves are made by Dry Guy and come in three sizes. Perfect for before and after races or while standing in snow to build anchors. Or just when it’s fricken cold out.

  • 4.5mm thick neoprene adds up to 25°F to your feet.
  • Side pads are abrasion resistant to protect from skis.
  • Elastic under-straps hold the toe in place in front.
  • Rear Velcro straps are adjustable for a snug fit.
  • Work great with A/T boots that have tech fittings.
Question from Lynn
I see you recommend the medium for a 23.5 mondo boot. I am skiing a Dynafit TLT6 in that size and am wondering if a small would be a better fit. The TLT6 is shorter than the same size Scarpa Gea and BD Shiva. Would you still recommend the medium?
Answer from jbo
Hi Lynn, the border cases are a bit of a tossup. You could certainly get away with a small on that boot. If you go with the larger size, it may be a touch loose at the bottom and there is a chance you need to trim a bit near the ankle joint to avoid impingement.
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Question from anthony
hi, my wife has a 24.5 scarpa f1 womens, would you recommend the small or medium? i know the bsl on the f1 is a little shorter than others.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Anthony! I'd still go for the Medium! I wear a 24.5/25.0 race boot and use the Medium! There is a pretty solid amount of adjustment range on the gloves though so in theory you could get away with a small, but you'd end up with partial coverage which would pretty much defeat the purpose of trying to warm your feet up!
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by Scott (used product a few times)
I purchased these last Spring to use for cold starts on single and multi-day ski tours (camping). So far, I have only used them skinning and skiing on about half a dozen day tours with single digit to -10F temperatures paired with TLT6 27.5 mondo, 297mm BSL. The mediums fit fine and there is no interference with my tech bindings or automatic crampons. These keep my toes from going numb on cold outings. They are light, compact and easy to use. I've used them at the start of tours , all day, and at the end of tours when temperatures were plummetting. Yesterday was a perfect example. The trailhead was -10F in the morning. I hiked up into the sunshine and later removed them while ski touring in intense solar. Then I had skied down low into a frigid North aspect basin, transitioned and began skinning up. After 1000 vert of climbing without the boot gloves, I noticed my toes were on the edge of numb and the daylight was waning. I stopped, put on the boot gloves, an extra layer of clothes, and continued another 1000 vertical feet to the top. My toes felt comfortable within 5 minutes of donning the boot gloves on that last push to the top and all way down the 2k descent back to the trailhead as dusk approached. They have earned their right to make it into my ski pack!
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Question from Murray Oliver
Hi Guys, are you able to ship this product to New Zealand, (Dryguys Boot Gloves)
Answer from jbo
Hi Murray, sure can. You will have a few shipping options at checkout based on your location.
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Question from Scott
Will these work for tech bindings for skinning and skiing? Will they stay fixed to the boot and be durable when booting on mixed terrain? Or will the fabric underneath get destroyed? Does length of automatic crampons have to be readjusted to fit boot with extra fabric of boot glove underneath? Do you recommend the medium for 287 and 297 BSL's?
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, yes they work well with tech bindings and can handle booting. Strap underneath is webbing which lasts a good while, though isn't necessarily designed for rock encounters. Not much crampon interference underneath, possibly some in rear depending on the model, though you can wrap the glove strap on the outside of it for a secure fit. Go with medium, yes.
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