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After much contemplation on the skin track, we collectively decided that while trucker hats and neck gaiters are useful, they don’t embody our values quite as much as skiing in tight spandex does. Our search for the perfect skinsuit to boldly go where no spandex has gone before ended abruptly when a clear winner emerged. After laying hands on the Ski Trab skinsuit, we knew it was the one to carry our flag. Carefully assembled to sky-high Italian standards, the Skimo Co skinsuit sports a generous number of internal pockets to make itself fast and efficient between the tape. The boot-cutouts and off-axis collar zip also help while reaching out for the occasional FKT. If you are looking for a high-quality skinsuit and don’t mind showing a little Skimo Co love, the Skimo Race Suit is your new best buddy. Plus, Skimo blue!

  • Diagonal neck zip is comfortable and stays out of the way when fully zipped.
  • Four internal skin pockets can house multiple sets of skins, snacks, a camera, etc.
  • Dual pull tabs on the main zipper allow easy access from top down or bottom up.
  • Secondary vertical zipper just below the waistline for nature breaks.
  • Generously cut collar leaves room for a gaiter or a lucky charm.
  • Multiple boot cutouts can accommodate a host of boot styles.
  • Vented back panel reduces sweat buildup underneath a pack.
  • Zippered internal beacon pocket for ISMF compliance.
  • It says Skimo Co and stuff.

*Note: Please note the two colors are quite similar, however, there are subtle accenting differences primarily around the collar.

Update 2021/22: New design! A color revamp coupled with a nice functionality increase. Primary difference is the addition of exterior skin dump pockets to give more storage options on the go.

convert to ounces
478g [M]
Ventilation Back perforated
Hood No
Pockets Kangroo pouches, zipped internal beacon, external chest zip
Cuffs Stretchy, reinforced stirrups
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Race
Materials   Lycra, Meryl, Cordura stretch
Insulation No
Seams Flatlocked
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, working at Skimo Co
Notes Cordura cuffs
Bottom Line Great race suit with the best logo
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Questions & Reviews

Aaron O (used product regularly)
I had the first generation of this suit (used for the PDG in 2018, first NA team!) and it was great. As noted above, the fit in the boot cuff was a little snug (actually my race warmup was usually getting the damn stirrup under my heel). The new version of this suit fixes that issue and also has new features (external pockets!, better beacon pocket!) that basically makes this the best suit out there for the money (or frankly any money). I am 5'8", 148 pounds, 29" inseam, medium build and medium fits perfect.
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Question from Aaron O
Is this suit the same sizing and cut as the older prior colorway?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Aaron! This suit takes on the same sizing and cut. You should find a good fit in the same size as the prior model. Thanks!
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Question from Samantha
Hello! Do you have women's sizing for these suits? Or do they fit better on men only? Thank you!
Answer from Emmett I

We don't have women's sizing, but the sizing chart above is still applicable. They do fit women fine!
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Question from Matt G
So when the stirrups over the boot and hooked under the sole, it covers the lever for walk and ski mode on the back of the boot...any tips for this as it would hinder transitions. 1st race coming up in a month so want to make sure I've dialed my gear.

Answer from Carlos M
Hi Matt,

There is a cutout in the back of the cuff to fit a ski-walk lever, with the idea being that you can have access to your ski-walk mechanism with the suit pulled down over the boots. It should interface with most race boots, but if you're having issues, email and we can brainstorm solutions!
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Rowan K (used product regularly)
This is my first race suit: I am a convert. In general, it vents well, fits well, and has great features. I've used it for several skimo races up to 1.5 hours long, and for training sessions up to a few hours long. I have the 2022 version, mostly black with blue accents. It has garnered sundry comments from the public already.

The main material is slightly heavy, think a robust synthetic/poly weave. The black honeycomb material is quite thin however, and I do wish it wasn't directly over the knees. My knees are sensitive to cold so I often wear knee warmers under the suit, but using the thicker material over the kneecaps could remedy that. As per SOP, the back is just thin mesh. The black color definitely soaks up the sun, so be aware of that if you're gonna be in solar-cooker terrain.

The fit (size Large) is good, snug but not tight. I'm 6' even, solid build, with proportionally over-long legs, but I don't feel squeezed even when I've got my boots inside the suit. Surprisingly, the cuffs go over the relatively beefy upper of the Fischer Travers GR's without undue stretching, and the stirrup sits nicely. Conveniently, the cuffs feature pre-cut slots for both an upper buckle and throw lever (a hooded slot), which line up well on my Fischers. As such the material around those points is not reinforced for custom cutting like you see in many racing pants.

There are so many dang pockets on this thing that I have yet to fill them all up at once. Between the the 4 inner kangaroo pockets and 2 outer cargo pockets, you could easily pack a charcuterie board in there to unveil (or consume) while you wait at the top of the skinner for your friends. The zippered beacon pocket has been nice for keys and wallet (it does fit my Mammut Barryvox, but I haven't yet used it in avy terrain). The collar of the suit zips up to chin-level, which is a bit excessive imo but I'm not a buff fan in general.

This Trab suit is a subtler option than your overly-zesty styles of the typical european race suit. Must we wear epileptic neon? Not today! You'll still get comments though.
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Question from Rennie
Would this suit be compatible with Salomon X-Alp Boots?
Answer from Emmett I

I think it would be difficult to fit over the X-alp boots. These gaitors are designed to snugly fit over race boots, so anything more than a race boot will be more than snug.

You might be able to just pull them over the cuff of your boot without the stirrup, which doesn't look as pro as with the stirrup but will still keep the snow out of your boots.
Answer from Rennie
So these are closer in style to a Nordic Race Suit I presume? Thanks for the update. I was planning on doing some SkiMo events in my X-Alps. I like the design of the suit. Thanks.
Answer from Emmett I

Exactly! They can be hard to put on even with true race boots.

And who wouldn’t want the Skimo blue!
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Question from Rowan Kamman
Hey folks!
Boot compatibility question for ya. I have the Fischer Travers GR, and I wonder if they're too bulky for the cuffs and stirrups of this suit to fit over. They aren't low-profile race boots, hence my query! I also wonder if the same is true for the Dynafit DNA 2 race suit. It's super helpful to have you all online for these types of questions, since there's not a skimo race suit for sale within hundreds of miles of me. Thanks!
Answer from Adam N
Doesn't fit* over my Backland Carbons, but that doesn't stop me from rocking this bad boy! I put my foot through with the stirrup to the back. Enough elasticity around the cuff to stretch it over the top of the boot and the unused stirrup. This suit is sweet and super fun to train in. Look forward to getting race boots in the future and going full skimo boi

I imagine all skin suits are meant for to fit race boots and you'd have similar challenges.

**It might fit, but the amount of time spent trying to get it to fit stopped me from going any further.
Answer from Rowan K
Thanks! That's helpful info to know, I imagine your boots have a similar volume to mine, being parallel models. Cheers!
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Question from Lukas
Looking for a race suit for my son, ca 5.8 tall, strong built but not big, around 150 lbs, (and still growing)
Should I get Medium or Large? Are the suits padded?
... and what do you wear below? just base layer and /or mid layer? He does not get easily cold, in fact he likes the cold. He is skiing for year on teams but its the first time he will wear race suits.
Answer from jbo
Hi Lukas, please note this is an uphill ski mountaineering race suit. It does not have padding and would be cold for downhill racing. If he is on a skimo team, the large should fit well enough and give a bit of room for growth.
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Question from Todd Brennan
Would I use this for nordic skate ski marathons?
Answer from Patrick C

Thanks for the question! These suits will have a few skimo specific features, one of which are both external and internal "dump pockets" to hold skins and to potentially organize food/water. While you are not concerned with skins, the pockets could come in handy for a long race. The biggest issue I see is that the back panel is mesh. Skimo racers are required to carry packs so this panel is in place to accommodate the need for extra breathability. As a Nordic skier this may cause you to get pretty chilly, especially while tucking on downhills. While not out of the question to use this for a cross country ski race, I would advocate that you find a Nordic specific suit. Good luck with the racing!
Answer from Jon Einar Mattias V
Maybe a late but here is my awnser.

Yes, as a xc skier I think it should be great in xc ski marathons. You often wear a running vest with a bladder anyways so the design with the mesh is fine.

Only problem I can think of is the bib; it covers the whole zip up front, like imagine having a running singlet over this suit, then open the zip. See, not practical!

In theory it should be awesome in vasaloppet (90km), nordenskioldsloppet (longest xc ski race at yes, 220km), or birkebeiner (54km with backpack of 3kg!). That last race is actually amazing. Like this suit is designed for racing with a pack!

Again, the problem is often the bib. In the birkebeiner it's front only because of backpacks, but as long as it is visible front and rear (if it has a rear) then your ok. In marathons the bib is often smaller than the olympic ones. Think of it as those really old school side tie bibs they used in alpine and xc-,skiing way back.

Nordenskioldloppet would be my secret tip to use this though. There I think it wouldn't be weird (also it's fine if the bib is not 100% clearly visible, although visibility of the bib is still apreciated, packs are also advised, so this is a good and fast storage solution actually) and in combination with a running vest with bladder the mesh panel becomes a nice feature actually, not if you'd use no pack.

I guess I would only use this for xc skiing if I really saw a good use for this.

Hope this helps
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Allen T (used product a few times)
Love the new suits (21/22). Fit really well, looks good. The rubber kick pads on the inside of the stirrups will hopefully help with longevity. The external pockets are also great. My transitions aren't really that good, so having one less thing to think about is great (no unzipping suit front).

We just need a lighter color version for big spring days, black won't cut it for glacier missions in the PNW in May : )
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Question from Mckay
Would the medium fit a 5'-6" 125 male properly since you say it runs small?
Answer from Ian C
Hey McKay, you are a little in between sizes in which case I would say the Medium would be the way to go.
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Question from Samuel L
Can you guys post pics of the 21/22 version of the suit?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Samuel, we will definitely get official photos of these up soon. In the meantime, here is a picture I snapped to provide an idea of the color changes and external skin pockets!
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Question from Oscar
I'm 6'4" 180#. What size would you recommend? XL?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Oscar. These run on the small side, so I think the XXL would work the best! Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Andrew R
Do you think you'll get anymore larges or mediums in?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, sadly not this season.
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Question from ScSe
Are there any external chest pockets (that would work for small squeeze bottles, etc)?
Answer from Jeff
Scott, There is just one small zipper chest pocket. Really only big enough for a couple GU packets.
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Kurt P (used product a few times)
super fast good times! It's Italian, its black and it says I have a Crazy Idea suit thats a bit lighter weight so that is used if racing above ~mid 20s F. ONLY drawback is EXCESS TIGHT straps to pull under boots. I use a volle ski strap to wrench it under my boots.
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Question from IKER
Do you deliver also to Spain?
How long takes the delivery to Spain?
Thanks and regards
Answer from jbo
Hi Iker, yes we can ship to Spain. You will have several options at checkout, but I suggest using International Express for speed and reliability.
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Question from Aaron
So I am 6'2, but a 30 waist, would I still want to order this in a Large?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, yes! It's on the tight side so will have no problem hugging you.
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