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The topsheet of the La Sportiva Sorriso features surfers slashing and riding through big waves, and that's just the feeling this ski is designed to give you on snow. With an almost fully rockered shape ("almost-not-there-camber", as La Sportiva says), long turn radius, and remarkable compliance, the Sorriso can be made to turn in any direction at any speed. The softer flex makes the tips gravitate towards the snow surface, where you can pivot, smear, and pop around with ease. It's equally at home bopping through low-angle glades or throwing plumes of cold smoke off every little spine and terrain feature. If you've ever wanted to meadow skip like a world-champion rock skipper or try to butter in 3 feet of fresh pow, the Sorriso might just be the tool for the job. It's certainly one of the more unique and playful skis we've ever seen.

  • Extremely compliant flex allows for many possible turn shapes.
  • A long turn radius and big rocker profile contribute to a surfy feel.
  • Tail notch keeps skin clips in place for less hassle while skinning.
  • Stick-less Polyamide topsheet disincentivizes snow buildup while you're skinning.
  • Fusion Sidewall technology and 2.2mm steel edges speak to a high construction standard.
  • Perhaps the best ski we've seen for noodling around in powder.
Lengths (cm) 157, 175, 185
convert to ounces
Weight (pair)
Sidecut   125-110-116
Turn Radius   27m
Skin Fix   Square tip and flat notched tail
Specs Verified
Profile   "Almost-not-there" camber, heavily rockered tip and tail
Shape   Long radius, lots of taper
Construction   Sidewall and triaxial carbon weave w/ fiberglass
Core   Poplar & flat grain paulownia w/ aluminum reinforcements
Skimo Co Says
Usage Playful charging and powder surfing
Notes Soft flex allows for playful powder noodling
Bottom Line Built for fun

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