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What is the difference between "Haute Route 10" vs "Haute Route 10 Plus" ?
[ver. Vulcan] Replaced sloppy rivets on 8-years old Vulcans. Worked out perfectly as described. As for the installation procedure itself. The most hard and time consuming operation was old rivets removing: drill through metallic rivet axle, carve and pry it out without damaging soft Grilamid plastic clog. There was some noticable play on the carbon cuff/delrin bushing interface (all four rivets, like small fraction of millimiter gap) but resolved with a touch of thick metal filled epoxy ($25 for the set...
Thanks, Jeff! Got reply from G3. For Zed's second year (2020) run: heel molds was changed a bit as well as the forward pressure compensation springs (stronger now). It is possible to retrofit the new springs into the old (2019) heels, and "it should totally eliminate the float issue". Crampons are the same.
Is there any news for upcoming 19/20 season. Did G3 fix Zed's related issues with weak forward pressure compensation springs and ski crampons flat mode? Regards.
Hello Trace! Thanks for your input! The main purpose is to experiment with adding kind of a stomp pad to the traditional pin bindings. I had some bad experience of breaking Dynafit heel posts and also some people say that stomp pad will add "more alpine feel" while skiing. So to prevent overloading of the heel pins mainly. Leaving the noticable gap of ~5mm between the boot sole and the stomp pad I will still be able to flex the ski and eject under "normal" loading conditions. The most simple way I see is ...

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