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Taking a hut trip or long traverse and want some backup? Want to revive an old, beat up pair of skis? G3’s tech heel pieces are available separately and now you can rest knowing you don’t have to buy a new binding when one component takes a beating. The heel pieces are priced and sold individually, without brakes/baseplates and weigh 195g each.

Please note this listing is just the turrets. Find the brakes separately here.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Stephen R
I have G3 Ion 12 bindings and I am having two issues: 1) the heel lifts flop around with no resistance, often engaging on their own. I believe there is supposed to be a spring underneath to prevent this from happening. Do you sell that part?
2) my turret unintentionally rotates back into ski mode on its own at random when I am in tour mode. Is that a problem with the turret or something on the base plate?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Stephen!

1.The heel lifts rely on the machining of the metal part interfacing with the plastic underneath to provide resistance. My guess is that the plastic piece has worn down, resulting in the heel lifts flipping over easily. Unfortunately, there is no official remedy to this, besides purchasing a new heel.

2. As a past owner of this binding, I did have this issue intermittently. It typically happened while side-hilling during particularly icy days. To my knowledge, there is no fix to this, either.

Please reach out if you have any other questions!
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Question from Zack Little
Is there anywhere that I can find a ZED 12 heelpeice? Or will this heelpeice work with ZED 12 toepeice? And does it have the same mounting pattern with the screws? Thanks!
Answer from eric
Zack- We do not sell the Zed heel pieces. Zed and ion heel use different tracks. So you would haver to purchase an Ion heel track/brake and then an Ion heel piece to make a full heel. Screws are different as well.
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Question from Trey
Would the LT12 heel turret work on the standard Ion12 that has brakes? I have one bad turret and can’t seem to find an exact replacement so I’m wondering if slapping the LT one on would work.
Answer from Jeffrey
Trey, yes it is compatible with the Ion 12.
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Question from Corrie
I was wondering if this would be compatible with the LT12 Binding. I had a heel piece snap in half and was looking for an affordable way to replace it.
Answer from Jeffrey
Corrie, yes, this is the LT 12 heel.
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Question from Łukasz Łach
price is for one pieces or 2 (complet 2 heels) ?
Answer from eric
The price is for one heel piece without a base plate or brake.
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Question from wtofd
Hi, what is the weight for a single ION LT heel piece with screws and any other necessary piece (AFD, eg)? Thanks!
Answer from Teddy Young
A single Ion LT with baseplate weighs 300 g. This is with the baseplate and 4 mounting screws, but no AFD or brakes as this binding is brakeless.

This listing is just the turret, though!
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Question from Raymond H
Would this Ion LT heel work on a Gen 1 ION baseplate? I want a heel piece that doesn't auto-rotate into ski mode while skinning, which my LT heels do now.

Would your LT Heel include the base plate to stop this unwanted rotation?

So I would like to get the ION LT Gen 2 heel, that locks into the baseplate for skinning.

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Raymond! They should be cross compatible with one another without issue. Although I am suspecting that you are looking for an ION LT Heel Plate instead of a new heel turret?
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Question from Ryan Hollow
I have the 1 gen G3 Ion bindings, but I broke the heel pieces ...
would the new heel pieces fit the same hole pattern ?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ryan! Yeah, they should just drop into the existing holes without issue.
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Model: G3 ION Heel Housing

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