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Things happen, bindings break. Get yourself out on the snow in no time with some shiny new toe pieces from Salomon. If you need heels instead, check out our listing for heel pieces.

MTN Pure, Blue x1 - Toe piece for the Salomon MTN binding in the color blue. Includes 4 mounting screws.

Salomon Shift 10, Black x1 - Black toe piece for the 10 DIN release models. Comes with AFD Plate, Toe Lug Screw, Rear Toe Screw Holder, and mounting screws.

Salomon Shift 13, Blue x1 - Blue toe piece for the 13 DIN release models. Comes with mounting screws, AFD Plate, Toe Lug Screw, and Rear Toe Screw Holder.

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Questions & Reviews

Comment from Boris Knazko
Hi, is anyone here who have additional screw from toe binding? I lost the one big screw from the bottom of binding. that one where you sliding all toe binding. because i broke the binding during turn and lost that bottom screw.
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Question from Brian M
The toe piece on my shift 13 binding is broken. I believe it is a 22/23 year binding. I see this shift 13 toe piece on your site which has blue trim. My broken toe piece is all black. Can I use the toe piece on your site to replace my broken one? (Are they the same except for the trim color?)
Answer from Jeff
Brian, Yes you can. All Shift toe pieces are identical.
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Question from Josh
Is it possible to get a replacement front(blue) lever for the toe piece on the shift 13 binding? It won't lock down anymore, some of the plastic on the underside broke. Or must I get a whole new toe piece? Thank you
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Josh,

If they are still relatively new, I would recommend trying to get them fixed under warranty. If you bought them with us, email us at - otherwise, reach out to the shop you bought them from, or to the manufacturer. Otherwise, you would likely need to buy a new toe piece.
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