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Salomon & Atomic Binding Parts

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Break a part or lose a set of springs? Don't be glum, we have a growing list of parts for Salomon and Atomic bindings. Details below.

MTN Women’s Heel Springs - The softest heel springs for the Salomon MTN or Atomic Backland binding. Sold as a pair.

MTN Men’s Heel Springs - Pair of the middle release-value springs for the MTN and Backland bindings.

MTN Expert Heel Springs - Set of the stiffest springs which control both lateral and vertical release on the MTN and Backland bindings. Experts only!

Brake Mounting Screw x1 - The screw and washer that's required to keep the MTN and Backland brake held onto the ski.

Shift Toe Lug Screw x1 - The 5th screw and washer that's required to mount the Shift toe piece onto your ski.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Kevin Visscher
Looking for a toe mounting plate for a Salomon binding.
Answer from Will
Hey Kevin,

I'm curious if this is part of an alpine binding. If so, we likely will not have the piece for you.

Feel free to send us a photo of the full binding to help@skimo.co

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Question from Matt Leitzinger
I'm looking for the (non-brake) heel plate for the MTN or Backland Pure... I have not been able to get this part even ordering through my local shop and i'm wondering whether you may have a line on it?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Matt, right now we are in the process of getting some new heel plates in from Salomon. If you wanted to email help@skimo.co we can get that order set up for you.
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Question from kp2architects
I have broken the plastic part that holds the brake in place on my Salomon MTN binding heel piece. Is this a part that you can order for me?
Answer from Teddy Young
If you send us a few photos to "help@skimo.co", we'll reach out to Salomon and see if they have any of that part available!
Answer from kenton p
Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll get some photos to you soon.
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Question from Eric Dahl
Do you carry or know of a way to get new heel pieces for the Backland/MTN bindings? Both of my heel units have developed significant play both vertically and horizontally.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Eric, thanks for reaching out. We do not sell the Backland or MTN heel pieces separately, but I do suggest reaching out to the retail shop you purchased it from or the manufacturer directly to see if they can help you with a warranty. If you purchased the binding from us, email us at help@skimo.co and we can help you start the warranty process and see if it is something the manufacturer covers.
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Question from Shannon
Are the backland brake screw and shift toe lug screw the same?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Shannon, they are not the same. Unfortunately we are currently out of the Shift Toe Lug Screw, but if you email us at help@skimo.co we can see about special ordering one for you!
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Question from Cameron
Do you sell the plastic crampon keeper clips to use Dynafit ski crampons with Salomon MTN bindings?
Answer from TSB
Hey Cameron, we have not historically stocked that as a separate widget, but shoot us an email at help@skimo.co and we can see if we can find a way to get you one!
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