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Break a part or lose a set of springs? Don't be glum, we have a growing list of parts for Salomon and Atomic bindings. Details below.

MTN Women’s Heel Springs - The softest heel springs for the Salomon MTN or Atomic Backland binding. Sold as a pair.

MTN Men’s Heel Springs - Pair of the middle release-value springs for the MTN and Backland bindings.

MTN Expert Heel Springs - Set of the stiffest springs which control both lateral and vertical release on the MTN and Backland bindings. Experts only!

MTN Brake Mounting Screw - The screw and washer that's required to keep the MTN and Backland brake held onto the ski.

MTN/Backland Tour Toe & Heel Screw Set - A set of 4 screws for mounting a toe or heel from a Backland Tour or MTN Pure.

Shift Toe Lug Screw - The 5th screw and washer that's required to mount the Shift toe piece onto your ski.

Shift Rear Toe Holder Plus Screws - A pair of plastic holders plus screws for holding the rear of the toe piece down.

Shift Toe Screw - The two 10mm screws towards the back of the toe used to attach the MNC plate of the Shift binding.

Shift Heel Screw - The 16.5mm screws used to attach the heel of the Shift and the two screws in the middle of the toe of the Shift.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Emilie Semo
The heel tower came apart on my Armada Tracer (same as the Atomic Backland Pure bindings). Basically the screw holding the piece with the 2 heel risers and the rest of the structure came loose which caused the other piece to detached. It detached while I was skinning up and 2 of the steel gliders fell in the snow I'm guessing. Would you happen to have spare steel gliders and screw for that binding? If not, would you have that specific heel tower?
Answer from Emmett I

Unfortunately, we don't have any of those parts, or heel towers, sorry! We occasionally have heel pieces available.
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Question from Ivan
hello, I am looking part for binding salomon L10
Answer from Niko M
Hi Ivan! We do not carry parts for your particular binding, unfortunately. Send us an email at with a few more photos and we may be able to help point you in the right direction. Thanks!
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Question from Benjamin Cross
Hey I have a pair of the atomic backland pure bindings and they did not come with the plastic piece needed for dynafit ski crampons. do you guys sell that part?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Benjamin, we don't sell that part specifically, but please reach out to "" and we can see if there's some kicking around the shop.
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Question from Joaquin Boetsch
I lost a part to attach the binding to the ski and I wanted to know if you have it.
Attached is a photo of the binding with the missing peace
Answer from Niko M
Hey Joaquin,
We may have a solution for you. Send us an email at with a few more photos of the binding and we can go from there. Thanks!
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Question from Tyler
Hi there,

The AFD plate on my Atomic NEOX binding broke. I know these are very old bindings, so I wasn't sure if these Shift Toe AFD Plates would fit to replace the broken plate. Do you know if these AFD plates work on Atomic NEOX bindings?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Tyler,
Unfortunately, in general, the Shift Toe AFD Plates are specific to the Shift plates and would not work with your binding.
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Question from Micah May
I recently bought a pair of new Salomon MTN bindings from someone on FB marketplace and mounted them on a pair of Voile Hyper V8's that I bought from Skimo. I really enjoyed the setup until the pins holding the front toe piece springs all snapped one morning when I stepped into my bindings (in the parking lot). I had skied them for 12 days prior to this occurring with no issues.

Because I bought the bindings off FB marketplace and the original owner doesn't have the original purchase receipt, Salomon isn't providing me a warranty and hasn't been helpful at all, even though the bindings were mounted brand new with the tags still on them. I called them, but they said they can't sell me the four little pins required to fix the bindings and they can't even sell me a new front toe piece.

Any chance Skimo can help me either source the 4 pins required to re-assemble my toe or sell me a new toe piece? I'd appreciate any help as it has been really frustrating trying to find a solution with Salomon. It seems incredibly wasteful and unprofessional that Salomon won't help me with this minor fix on brand-new bindings and can only sell me new bindings.

I've included a couple of photos.

Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Micah, bummer! Please reach out to and we'll see what we can do.
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Comment from Conner M
Hoping someone out there has a spare Salomon Shift 13 binding toe piece! I am the second owner so I cannot warranty.
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Question from Jon
Hi there - any way I can buy just a single AFD plate?
Answer from Emmett I

Unfortunately, we only sell them in pairs.
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Question from Johnny
I am mounting a set of Solomon Marker 13's and I have misplaced one of the heal screws. The specific screw is one of the 2 closer to the toe. Do you have this screw available? I already mounted the others, so getting a measurement would require removing/measuring. Just thought I'd ask before I went down this road.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Johnny,

We do not carry resort gear at Skimo Co, so it is unlikely that we have that screw around the shop. If you remove one of heel screws, get some dimensions with a caliper, and send them to, we can see if we have something that will do the trick!
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Question from Anthony Aiello
Good evening. I broke a little plastic "hook" that grabs the metal bar on the toe piece of my shift. The lever white to engage and disengage ski/walk on the toe piece will not lay flat now. Is this a part that you guys would happen to have on hand? Thanks in advance.
Answer from Jeff
Anthony, The only Shift parts available are screws, AFD plates and Brakes. There are no parts for the toe or heel pieces for sale. Any breakages of the binding itself would be a warranty situation.
Answer from Zach R
This just happened to me. Put in a warranty claim and got two replacement toe pieces. Just need one. Willing to sell the other for a fair price. Armada shift mnc 13.
Answer from Anthony A
Hey, Zach. Shoot me an email at Thanks.
Answer from Yasir R
Hey zach R di u still have the extra toe piece available ? Or if not what is the process of warranty claim .. shoot me an email at plz
Answer from Conner M
Hey Zach R, if you still have the extra toe piece to sell please contact me...
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Question from Yasir rawa
I purchased a atomic bent chetler 120 2022 model ski with armanda shift MNC 13 bindings … the bindings were pre mounted on the runners … I purchased it in hot summer … later now whn the winter is about to arrive i was checking out my skis … I found a plastic part of my one ski binding at the toe is broken and is not there … that is a clamp like thing that slides to and fro … first of all i want to ask that will it create a problem later on … and is the replacement available for this .. i will share the image wth u … i will try to encircle it in red
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Yasir. If you want to reach out to us at we can help you out!
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Question from Ben
Hey, I was wondering if it possible buy this piece or even the assembly for my shifts? Thank you
Answer from Lbow
Hi Ben,

While Skimo doesn't have those parts available right now, if you'd like to send us an email directly to, and reattach that photo, we'll happily send out an inquiry on your behalf to see what might be available for you!
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Question from Tim
Can you get spare MTN toe pieces ?
Answer from Jeff
Tim, Sorry, Atomic/Salomon does not make those available to us. That being said, if your toe piece is broken or faulty, please send proof of purchase and a few photos to "". From there, we may be able to help setup a warranty through the manufacturer.
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Question from Jeff Ilg
Looking for the thru-bolt to bolt the frame to the toe mounting plate, for Salomon guardians. Often called Hex Drive Binding Barrels and Screws, but don’t know the length, diameter or screw head size.

Also three toe mounting screws for the same bindings. Not sure the length, they look short.
Answer from Patrick C
Hey Jeff!

Unfortunately, we do not sell the Guardian so we do not have a way to measure those bolts for you. Using a parts catalog to look this up I believe you would need a 12.2mm flat-head screw with an 8.8mm diameter head. Sorry I could not be more definitive!
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Question from Joey B
Has anyone experience this issue.? The “ski” part of the ski/walk mechanism cracked in the middle. The piece still popped right back in but is fractured which is causing some play. Is this specific piece available or would that be a warranty issue?
Answer from Joey B
Also, do you sell shift “din windows” ?
Answer from Sam S
Same thing just happened to me today. Anyone sell replacements for that part?
Answer from Cole P
Thanks for reaching out, Joey. It doesn't appear the "ski tab" is sold as a replacement part, however, the DIN window is. Please send us an email to and we can help you out!
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Question from Stephen Lezak
Hi guys, do you sell screws for the Shift toe piece?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Stephen, we sure do! They are called 'Shift Toe Screw x 1' in the dropdown menu above.
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Question from Tanush Jagdish
Hi! I just purchased the shift bindings but during installation somehow managed to lose this yellow plastic piece that holds the spring in. Do you possibly have a replacement I could buy? Or do you know how I might replace it some other way? Thanks so much for your help!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Tanush. We don't sell this part, and it doesn't look like it's listed in their spare parts catalog. Your best bet will be to reach out to Salomon directly.
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Question from Bardhosh Morina
I just broke my brand new Shift Binding Toe Piece, I was wondering if it's changeable and if so, do you have it?
Answer from Brett S
We're sorry to see this, Bardhosh! The good news is, you absolutely can replace the toe piece, however, we don't offer it for sale individually, sorry about that. Depending on the circumstances of the break, you should be able to submit a warranty with Salomon! If you purchased the binding with us, please reach out at and we can help you with the warranty process. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Josh
Do you sell this screw (circled in red, see picture) for the Solomon MTN/Backland binding?
Answer from Patrick C

Thanks for reaching out! We do not sell that particular part on its own, but we do sell the spring sets which can be found in the drop down menu on this page. You may have luck finding the same screw size and threadcount at a hardware store. Sorry I couldn't be of more help on this one!
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Question from Skyler Davis
Do you guys sell the heel base plates along with the screws for the Salomon shifts?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Skyler. At this point, we unfortunately aren't, sorry about that! Please let us know if you have any other questions.
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