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Replacement boot parts for SCARPA boots. We stock parts for boots we carry such as the various Aliens, F1s, and Maestrales. Choose from cords, boards, buckles, straps, ski/walk mechs, and more. Nuts and bolts are found under hardware.
Alien Cord Catch - The riveted hook on the cuff that secures the end of the cord of your Alien, Alien 1.0, Alien 1.1, or Alien 3.0. Does not include rivet. Alien Cord Guide, Metal - The cord guide that is riveted to the side of the cuff of your Alien 1.0, Alien 1.1, or Alien 3.0, and guides the cord where it needs to go. Alien Cord Guide, Plastic - The yellow cord guide that ..
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All parts sold as individuals unless noted otherwise. Note that the Alien 1.1 refers to the newest updated model of the Alien 1.0, though Scarpa still calls this boot the Alien 1.0 despite the changes made. Alien 1.0 Tour Lever: The ski/walk lever for the first generation Scarpa Alien 1.0. Does not include any hardware. Alien 1.0 Tour Lever Mount: The mounting hardware kit fo..
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F1 Power Strap x1: The upper Velcro powerstrap for the Scarpa F1. Be sure to order the correct size and left vs right. Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Powerstrap x1: The velcro powerstrap for the Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0. Be sure to order the correct size and left vs right. Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0 Wave Cable x1: The cable that runs along the lower shell of the boot and is tightened by the Shel..
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Alien/F1 Large Boa Guide: The larger of the two Boa guides, usually found closer to the cuff of your boot. F1 Tongue Guide: The Boa guide closest to the toe on your F1s. Alien/F1 Small Boa Guide: The smallest and narrowest Boa guide, closest to the Toe on the Alien 3 and on the tongue of the F1. Boa Cable 40cm: 40cm of steel Boa cable designed for F1 and F1 LT boots size 2..
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Boot boards for SCARPA boots. Sold as a pair unless otherwise noted and sized according to the shell size of your boot. ..
All parts sold as individuals unless noted otherwise. Alien 1.0 Cuff Bushing: The bushing that helps your boot walk and is probably worn out if you’re looking for it. Alien 1.0 Knurled Cuff Spacer: A ridged spacer used in the cuff pivot of the Alien 1.0 (old model). Alien 1.0 Outside Cuff Washer: The outermost washer on your Alien 1.0 (old model) that helps keep the bolt t..
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