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DIAL, BOA M3 TONGUE REEL 2 For alien size 24.0- 26.0

DIAL, BOA M3 TONGUE REEL 3 For alien size 27.0-28.0

DIAL, BOA M3 TONGUE REEL 4 For alien size 29.0-30.0

Question from Helon
Adam asked a question on 2/8/2018 about the ski/walk mech on a Maestrale RS. The answer was that you carry the part, but did not specify which it is. I am now in the same boat as Adam. Is the replacement part the Maestrale 2.0 ski/walk mech?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Helon! Ha, just read that original reply and you're right, it definitely left a little bit to be desired. To answer your question though, no the 2.0 and the original Maestrale do not share a similar ski/walk mech. If you have the latest generation Maestrale 2.0 then the 2.0 ski/walk mech will do it. Looks like we are out of the original Maestrale ski/walk mech at the moment though. For future reference though they are labeled as "Maestrale pre-17 Ski/Walk Mechanism" and cost $23.95 per side.
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Question from Sarah Tory

The right instep buckle on my Scarpa Gea broke last weekend and I need it replaced asap. Would the 17mm maestrale instep buckle work or should I look around elsewhere for a Gea buckle? Thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Sarah, depending on the year of your Gea, the 17mm Maestrale instep buckle may work. I'd suggest measuring the width of your instep strap to be sure of which size you need.
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Question from Ben
Will the Boa Cable 110mm work for the F1?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ben, it's possible it could work though I would definitely call BOA directly to get the exact replacement.
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Question from Michael S
Could you please tell me the name of the parts to replace the lateral cuff cant hardware on a 2017 freedom boot
Answer from eric
Michael - We do not stock the Freedom or Freedom boot parts. There is some overlap with other models but unfortunately we don't have a list of what parts work with that boot.
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Question from James Browning
Hi Skimo,
The ski/walk mech on my 2013 Maestrales (silver buckles) is worn out on both sides, and I'm looking for replacement mechs. They are the type with the black plastic lever and the wide flat bar. Is it still possible to get these parts?
If not can the updated mech and bar from the version (blue buckles) with the square bar and the wire lever be retrofitted? Even if the original parts are available would it be a good upgrade anyway?

Many thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi James, we do not carry that ski/walk mech. Scarpa is likely your best source as to whether it's still available and in stock. Since we never carried that boot, we don't have the knowledge to say if it can be retrofitted.
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Question from David Lubertozzi
Scarpa ski tongues?

Hi - I'm looking for these, do you have any?
Answer from Nate
Hi David, I'm sorry, but that's not a part that we stock.
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Question from Aleck
Hi, I know that the maestrale RS instep straps come in a right and a left but I don't see a selection option for a right or left. Are they sold in pairs? Do you only have right straps? Do you only have left straps?
Answer from eric
Aleck- They are sold as sets only.
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Question from ULLR
I need the ski/walk hardware for scarpa's skookum boot. Do you carry it? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi ULLR, unfortunately not! Not many parts around for that boot.
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Question from Hugh
I see the tongue nut and tongue screw for Maestrale in the drop down part list but I don't see the hinge? Do you carry the hinge for pre-2017 Maestrales? Also can you confirm the "Tongue Screw F1/Maestrale/Gea ($2.00) and the "Tongue Nut Maestrale/Gae" are in fact the fasteners for the pre-2017 maestrale Tongue?


Parts I am looking for: https://www.scarpa.com/Axial-Alpine-Tongue-Replacement
Answer from I-M
Unfortunately we don't carry the hinges and the screws are different from the pre-2017 model. The post-2017 model doesn't have a hinge so the screw changed. It would be great if we could get that axial tongue replacement kit, but we don't have it either. Sorry to say we don't have a solution for you.
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Question from Travis Mattern
I just broke the dyneema cord and lost the yellow guide on one of my Alien RS boots. Do you have these 2 parts?
Answer from eric
Travis, This boot would be still covered under warranty. So parts would be handled through Scarpa. If you want send us an email with pictures and your info to our help@skimo.co
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