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Alien Cord Catch - The riveted hook on the cuff that secures the end of the cord of your Alien, Alien 1.0, Alien 1.1, or Alien 3.0. Does not include rivet.

Alien Cord Guide, Metal - The cord guide that is riveted to the side of the cuff of your Alien 1.0, Alien 1.1, or Alien 3.0, and guides the cord where it needs to go.

Alien Cord Guide, Plastic - The yellow cord guide that pops into the cuff of your Alien, Alien 1.0, Alien 3.0, or Alien RS, and guides the cord where it needs to go.

Alien Dyneema Cord- The cord that closes the cuff of the boot for ALL Alien models, sold in 1 meter lengths.

-It should be noted that the updated version of the Alien 1.0 is referred to as the Alien 1.1

-It should also be mentioned that depending on your boot and the rivet placement, you may need a Rivet Holder (washer) to secure the attachment. These can be found here.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Omar D
I am trying to replace the cord catch on my alien 1.1. I have the new catch and a rivet. Assume I can disassemble the boot and drill out the old rivet. Can I just hammer the new rivet in or do I need any other tools?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Omar, you do drill the old rivet out, but to re-assemble you will need a rivet press, it's not a hammer rivet. Or, use a chicago rivet or t-nut assembly.
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Question from Zack Russell
Do you have any metal hooks that are on the 21/22 alien 1.0 where the cord loop attaches on either side of the boot. It's a metal hook. Mine has been bent and doesn't hold the string very well. Thanks
Answer from Emmett I

We typically do, but we're out at the moment. They're called the Alien Cord Catch. Looks like we have a couple on order at the moment. If you want, shoot us an email at and I can sign you up for a notification for when we get them back in stock.
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Question from Scott
Quick Q: will this dyneema cord work for Alien RS boots (28) or is it sized only for regular Alien series boots?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Scott, the Alien Cord should work just fine for a size 28!
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Question from Ben
I'm looking for a new cord or two for a 28.0 Alien RS, do you have any or know where I can get some?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Ben, unfortunately we don't expect to get anything from Scarpa in the near future. Your best option would be some Mammut 3mm Hammer Cord.
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Question from Jeffrey F
What's my best option to replace a cord for the 3.0 (43.0)? Thanks!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Jeffrey, for a temporary solution a standard 3mm cord should work like the Mammut Hammer Cord. For a longer term solution you should reach out to SCARPA as you'll want a spectra cord that doesn't stretch.
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Question from Charlie
I have the original Alien boots, not the carbon ones. What size (mm) Dyneema cord do I need? I’m thinking of just ordering a spool since it seems to fray once per year.
Answer from Jeff
Charlie, the Alien Dyneema cord here is 90cm in length.
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Question from andrew
Looking for a cord for size 43 alien 3.0s - will the 1.0 dyneema cord for size 27-30 work? or would the 1.1 dynarace cord work better? thanks
Answer from eric
Andrew-The alien 1.0 27-30 is the longest cord scarpa sells. So it should work fine. You could use one of the other cords as well.
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Question from Sam
Hi! Will the Alien Dyneema Cord 28.0-30.0 work on a size 27 boot? Also, is it normal to wear through the sheath after only 10-15 days? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Sam, yes it's just longer. It is not normal to wear out a cord that fast. I'd check for burrs on your ski/walk lever.
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Question from psathyrella
It looks like you're out of Alien RS 30.0 cords -- would either the 30.0 of the other boots' cords, or the RS cord for a smaller size work? Or should I wait for the proper ones to be in stock?
Answer from Matt P
Just measured with Alien RS and you can use the "Alien Dyneema Cord 28.0-30.0" which will work with the RS. You might want to tie an overhand knot above the cam mechanism on the RS just to prevent it from tearing away the sheath in the future...that is what I do. Hope this helps.
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Question from Samboski
I am looking for replacement cords for size 29 Scarpa Aliens. Do you carry this size?
Answer from Nate
Hi Samboski, we do not have any for the original Alien, but you could order the corresponding size for the Alien 1.0 and it will work perfectly. It's the same cord material, just a little bit longer.
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