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SCARPA Ski-Walk Mechanism Parts

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Alien 1.0 Tour Lever: The ski/walk lever for the first generation Scarpa Alien 1.0. Does not include any hardware.

Alien 1.0 Tour Lever Mount: The mounting hardware kit for the Alien 1.0.

Alien RS Ski/Walk Mechanism Mounting Screw: The mounting screw for the Alien RS ski/walk mechanism.

Alien Ski/Walk Mechanism Screw: The mounting hardware for the ski/walk mechanism on the Alien.

Alien Tour Lever: The ski/walk lever from the original Scarpa Alien.

Alien Tour Lever Mount: The light aluminum ski/walk lever mount for the original Scarpa Alien.

F1 Ski/Walk Catch: The ski/walk catch that bolts onto the lower shell of the Scarpa F1.

F1 Ski/Walk Lever Mounting Screw: The screws that bolt the F1 Ski/Walk Lever onto the cuff.

F1 Ski/Walk Mechanism: The spring-loaded ski/walk lever that bolts onto the spine of the F1.

Maestrale RS 2.0 Ski/Walk Mechanism: The spring-loaded ski/walk lever that bolts onto the spine of the Maestrale RS 2.0.

Square Back Nut, Ski/Walk Lever: The square nut that the ski/walk lever bolt attaches to.

Ski/Walk Powerblock Pin Pre 2019 Alien/1.0: Fits any pre-2019 Alien boot with a yellow lower shell.

Ski/Walk Powerblock Pin 2019+ Alien/1.0: Fits any Alien boot with a carbon grilamid LFT lower shell.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Ryan
So i can't get the screws out to remove the ski walk mechanism on my f1s. They seem to be installed with some sort of permanent thread locker, I tried heating them with a soldering gun for a full minute to release the thread locker and am worried if i heat them any more it will damage the shell.

Do you have any tips for removing them or should I just drill them out?

If i drill them out will the square back nut and alien ski walk screw listed here work as replacements? (The f1 screw is listed in the description but is out of stock?)
Answer from TSB
Hey Ryan, our shop techs report that using a soldering iron is indeed the best way. Just keep applying more heat if the initial hit didn't work; it's unlikely you'd be able to deform the plastic of the boot to any noticeable degree. As to swapping out the F1 ski/walk mech for the Alien, it looks like the screws should be sufficiently similar as to be interchangeable (potentially with a small amount of modding on your end).
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Question from Ryan
How much shorter is the 21.5-23 f1 walk lever then the 23.5-29 and does it use the same screw hole spacing? I'm wondering if it could be swapped in to a pair of 27's to reduce the forward lean.
Answer from Patrick C

The 21.5-23 sized lever is 4mm shorter than the 23.5-29 version. The screw hole spacing is the same so this could be an option to change the forward lean! With that said, the boot will have been designed to work with the original geometry, so there may be a change in performance (but I suppose that is the goal anyway!). Hope that helps!

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Question from Dan C
Do you stock any of the old/original 'Mango' Maestrale Ski-Walk Mechanisms?
Answer from Teddy Young
Unfortunately we are all out of that generation’s ski-walk mechanism, which is a bummer because I would like to grab that part as well!
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Question from Zachary Johnson
I purchased a pair of used Maestrale RS and need to replace one of the ski/walk mechs. Just wondering if there’s a kit with all the necessary parts?
Thanks. Zach
Answer from Jeff
Zach, Need to know which generation boot you have. If you compare the pictures of the 1.0 or 2.0 we have on this page, it should be pretty obvious. They only include what is shown in pictures, no screws.
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