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All parts sold as individuals unless noted otherwise. Note that the Alien 1.1 refers to the newest updated model of the Alien 1.0, though SCARPA still calls this boot the Alien 1.0 despite the changes made.

Alien 1.0 Tour Lever - The ski/walk lever for the first generation Scarpa Alien 1.0. Does not include any hardware.

Alien 1.0 Tour Lever Mount - The ski/walk lever mount for the first generation Alien 1.0.

Alien 1.1 Ski/Walk Mechanism Mounting Screw - The mounting screw for the updated Alien 1.0 ski/walk mechanism.

Alien 1.1 Tour Lever - The ski/walk lever for the updated Alien 1.0. Does not include any hardware.

Alien 1.1 Tour Mount - The piece that connects the tour lever to the boot cuff on the updated Alien 1.0.

Alien RS Ski/Walk Mechanism Mounting Screw - The mounting screw for the Alien RS ski/walk mechanism.

Alien RS Tour Lever - The ski/walk lever for the Alien RS. Does not include any hardware.

Alien Ski/Walk Mechanism Screw - The mounting hardware for the ski/walk mechanism on the Alien.

Alien Tour Lever - The ski/walk lever from the original Scarpa Alien.

Alien Tour Lever Mount - The light aluminum ski/walk lever mount for the original Scarpa Alien.

Alien Tour Lever Mounting Bolt - The pin that connects the tour lever to the tour mount on the original Scarpa Alien, Alien 1.0 and Alien 1.1

Alien/Alien 1.1 Ski/Walk Pin - The pin that connects the tour lever to the tour lever mount on the Alien and Alien 1.1

F1 Ski/Walk Catch - The ski/walk catch that bolts onto the lower shell of the Scarpa F1.

F1 Ski/Walk Lever Mounting Screw - The screws that bolt the F1 Ski/Walk Lever onto the cuff.

F1 Ski/Walk Mechanism - The spring-loaded ski/walk lever that bolts onto the spine of the F1. Be sure to get the right size for your boot.

F1/Alien 1.0 Ski/Walk Lower Latch Nut - The nut that holds the tour lever mount to the boot cuff F1-series boots, Alien boot, and Alien 1.0 and 1.1.

F1/ Alien Ski/Walk Mechanism Screw - The screw that mounts the tour level mount onto the cuff of the Alien and F1 boots (not the Alien 1.1 or F1 LT).

F1 LT Ski/Walk Mechanism - The spring-loaded ski/walk lever and mount. One size fits all.

Maestrale/Gea Ski/Walk Mechanism - The spring-loaded ski/walk lever that bolts onto the spine of the Maestrale RS 2.0 and Gea RS 2.0.

Maestrale/Gea Ski Walk Lever Mounting Nut - The nut for affixing the ski/walk mechanism to the cuff of the Maestrale RS 2.0 and Gea RS 2.0.

Maestrale/Gea 2.0 Ski/Walk Pin - The pin onto which the ski/walk lever latches in ski mode for the Maestrale/Gea RS 2.0.

Maestrale/Gea 3.0 Ski/Walk Pin - The pin onto which the ski/walk lever latches in ski mode for the Maestrale/Gea RS 3.0 and Quattro XT.

Old Race F1 Ski/Walk Lever Mounting Screw - Screw for mounting the ski/walk mechanism for the Old F1 Race boot.

Ski/Walk Mechanism Pin Alien/Alien 1.1 - The pin onto which the ski/walk lever latches in walk mode for the updated Alien and updated Alien 1.0

Ski/Walk Powerblock Pin Pre 2019 Alien/1.0 - Fits any pre-2019 Alien boot with a yellow lower shell.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nick
Hi! Do you know if the Alien Tour Lever Mounting Bolt you have listed above will work on the Alien RS? The pic you have looks promising... Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Hi Nick, Yes, will work for the Alien RS too.
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Question from Adrianne
The metal pin bar on my scarpa touring boots broke last night as shown in picture. How should I go about fixing this issue? Also, what exact parts do I need? Thank you!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Adrianne,

First, we need to know what model of Scarpa boot you have. If you could email us ( with the model you have, or if you're not sure, with some pictures of the whole boot, we can let you know if we have the part you need!
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Question from Lesley McClurg
Greetings, it looks like the ski walk lever on my Scarpa Gea RS boots is missing. I have no idea when it happened. Is it possible to get a new lever? It looks like the rest is still in good shape.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Lesley, we don't have many parts left for that generation of boots, no walk mechanisms for those. Your best bet might be to look for a used pair for parts.
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Question from lubomir
will you sell also f1 xt ski/walk mechanism? i would like to exchange classic one on f1 lt.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Lubomir! We currently do not stock the F1XT specific ski/walk mechanism. Regardless, the F1LT and F1XT share the same ski/walk mechanism in design and I believe would work for your application. To further discuss, send us an email at and we can chat about the details. Thanks!
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Question from Stefano
Could I swap the F1 ski - walk lever with the shorter one, to get less forward lean?
I have 30 size, the 23.5-29 versione has the same hole spacing? How much shorter Is?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, Stefano. It looks like you could swap the levers out and get less forward-lean. The hole pattern is the same, with a ~3mm difference between the two sizes. I hope this helps.
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Question from Sam
Does the Scarpa LT walk lever fit the GT?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Sam, the LT walk lever is compatible with the GT.
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Question from Ben T
I lost the pin around which the ski walk mechanism rotated. Currently I have replaced with a chain link. Do you stock this replacement part? Thanks!!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ben, we don't have the pin as a separate product, just the ski/walk mechanism as a whole. It's the "Alien RS Ski/Walk Mechanism" option on this page.

The stock pin consists of a bolt and locking nut with a plastic friction ring at the end of the interior thread. You might try bringing the boot into a hardware store and trying some nuts and bolts until you find one that fits.
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Question from Erik S
Hi - Do you have the individual parts available for the Scarpa Maestrale RS (older model) walk/ski mechanism. I need the metal piece that holds the bar in place at the lower connection to the boot (circled in the attached photo). Thanks!
Answer from eric
Erik- We unfortunately do not have any of the hardware for the older Maestrale's. Might check with Scarpa.
Answer from Erik S
OK - thanks for the quick response!
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Question from Bob Davis
I have an older (2017?) pair of Maestrale alpine touring boots and lost the upper cuff buckle catch [a] screw and [b] nut. Fortunately, I have the catch but need the nut and screw. Can you advise what is needed for this model? I attached pictures of the boot, and the missing parts. Thank you in advance!
Answer from Ian C
Hello Bob, the parts you need are:
- Maestrale/Gea Shell Cable Screw from our Scarpa Hardware page
- F1/Alien 1.0 Ski/Walk Lower Latch Nut from this Scarpa ski-walk page.

I have linked both of these parts in a cart
here. Hope that helps!
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Question from Jack
Hi, I recently found out the catch for my F1 ski-walk mechanism has come off my boot. It's the part you can flip to adjust the forward lean of the boot. Do you stock it? I saw it listed above but without a picture I was unsure if that was indeed the part I need.
Answer from Jeff
Hello Jack,
Obviously, we are out. had them on order for last Fall, but did not receive any. We are working on another parts order now, for delivery in a week or two. Can't say for sure if they will come. Check back.
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Question from Phil
I'm looking for this nut for a Scarpa Gea that came off the top buckle. Which nut should I order? I see it's one of the pictures. Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Phil, this is the nut for the Cuff Catch. F1/Alien 1.0 Ski/Walk Lower Latch Nut
The cuff buckle is riveted on. But you could make this work for that if you need to replace the buckle.
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Question from Fisher
Looking for a way to reduce the forward lean on a pair of Maestrale RS 2.0 (white/green) further than the current 14 degree minimum - seems it would fit my leg + skiing style a little cleaner & would align closer to the lean on the F1 LT, which I get along really well with

Is it possible to swap a shorter walk lever in from another boot (ex F1?) to accomplish this?

If I can access the lengths of each lever, I’m happy to work out the math on my own!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Fisher. Scarpa doesn't have sized ski/walk levers for the Maestrale, so that wouldn't be an option. The f1 ski/walk mechanism can engage with the pin on the Maestrale RS, however, the rest of the mechanism is significantly different enough that would make it quite prohibitive. If you want to know the lengths of the various f1 ski walk mechanisms, please let me know.
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Question from Jason
I need to replace the F1 Ski/Walk Catch on one of my boots and am wondering if the hardware to secure the catch is included and/or is this available? Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Jason. The F1 Ski/Walk Catch does not come with hardware. You'll need the "F1/Alien 1.0 Ski/Walk Lower Latch Nut" and "F1/ Alien Ski/Walk Mechanism Screw," however, it appears we are out of the nut. If you wish to be notified when that nut comes back into stock, please reach out to
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Question from Jim R
The spring latch to lock my boot from ski to walk broke. The little retention hooks at the end both snapped off. These are Scarpa Marstrale Rs. I don’t have a version of the boot. Is the lever available? Thx
Answer from eric
Jim- Unfortunately, we do not have parts for that generation Maestrale RS left in stock and will not be gwtting anymore. Try reaching out to Scarpa.
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Question from Elliot
I broke this pin today skiing, do you carry this pin to fix my maestrale 1.0?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hello Elliot. We do have that in stock. Under "SCARPA Ski-Walk Mechanism Parts" it will be the "maestrale/gea ski/walk pin". Hope that helps!
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Question from Andy T
Hey guys,
I broke the ski/walk mechanism on my Maestrale RS 2.0 today. I see that you have the Gea RS 2.0 ski/walk mechanism available here but not the Maestrale RS 2.0. Comparing to my wife's Geas, the lever is indeed slightly different (not as beefy as the lever on my Maestrales). Do you have an ETA for the Maestrale version? Could I use the Gea version temporarily? It's the middle of ski season, and these are my only boots.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Andy,

The Gea RS Ski/Walk Mechanism that we currently have in stock should work as a replacement on the model of Scarpa Maestrale that you have!
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Question from Ryan Watson
I'm looking for this screw for my old SCARPA Maestrale boots. I think they are called the 1.0 - they are the original ones. I can't seem to match it with the pictures on the site.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Ryan,

Sadly, we do not carry that screw! I would recommend reaching out to Scarpa directly to see if they still carry some parts for that model.
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Question from Christian Ilsanker
If i order a ski walk mechanism for the scarpa f1 is it one or a pair?
Answer from jbo
Hi Christian, those are sold individually.
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Question from john e Durkin
Do you stock the walk mode part for the scarpa Freedom boot?
Answer from Will M
Hey John,

Sadly we do not stock that part for the Freedom as we don't carry that boot. Thanks for reaching out!
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Question from Ryan
So i can't get the screws out to remove the ski walk mechanism on my f1s. They seem to be installed with some sort of permanent thread locker, I tried heating them with a soldering gun for a full minute to release the thread locker and am worried if i heat them any more it will damage the shell.

Do you have any tips for removing them or should I just drill them out?

If i drill them out will the square back nut and alien ski walk screw listed here work as replacements? (The f1 screw is listed in the description but is out of stock?)
Answer from TSB
Hey Ryan, our shop techs report that using a soldering iron is indeed the best way. Just keep applying more heat if the initial hit didn't work; it's unlikely you'd be able to deform the plastic of the boot to any noticeable degree. As to swapping out the F1 ski/walk mech for the Alien, it looks like the screws should be sufficiently similar as to be interchangeable (potentially with a small amount of modding on your end).
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