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A Skimo helmet that is certified for skiing - what a concept! This is Ski Trab's second dual certified helmet, proudly and appropriately named the Aero. Ski Trab utilizes their Hollow Core Technology to cool your head with two different front air-intakes that funnel air through 6 different channels - hence the name "Aero." The clean-cut design looks less like an 80's bike helmet and more like a sleek extension of your head, and it comes in an understated dark grey color (also the hottest color for Lamborghinis). It's the polycarbonate shell over high-density polystyrene that is the key to keeping weight low and safety high. The Aero uses the same quick and easy dial adjustment system as in their previous brain bucket offerings, so if you have enjoyed the fit of your other Trab helmets, this one is a no-brainer. Trab also includes elastic straps on the side and back of the helmet to hold either your goggles or headlamp in place. If you are thinking, wanting, or desiring to start racing, you will need to forego your old climbing helmet for an EN 1077-B certified helmet to meet ISMF standards. Or maybe you just want to have a low profile dual certified helmet that will make you as Aero as possible. In either scenario, the Ski Trab Aero helmet fits the mold.

  • Hollow Core Technology maximizes ventilation.
  • Easy and effective headlock dial adjustment gives you the right fit.
  • Polycarbonate shell and high-density polystyrene provide robust protection.
  • Easy to use elastic straps secure your goggles or headlamp.
  • Dual 1077-B certification for downhill skiing and EN 12492 certification for mountaineering.
Size Head Circumference
S/M 20.5 - 22.5 inches (52-56cm)
L/XL 23 - 24 inches (57-61cm)

Update 2021/22: Two new colors to show off to your friends.

convert to ounces
297g [S/M]
Certifications CE 1077 (alpine skiing)
EN 12492 (climbing)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polycarbonate shell with high density polystyrene
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, mountaineering
Notes Venting design has 2 front openings to funnel air throughout the helmet
Bottom Line Ultralight dual certified helmet for racing, or anyone wanting a safe and light helmet
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Questions & Reviews

Kurt P (used product a few times)
Just received the helmet in last few weeks. So far so good! Fit and finish seems top notch. I have a big hed at 59+cm and this fits well. with enough room for a thin headband underneath. I can only foresee one drawback and it seems to run warm. I have ski'd in it on days near 32f and even at "endurance pace" could tell i might over heat if I was going hard uphill.

Matte black for the win!
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Wren P (used product regularly)
In my opinion, the best duel-certified helmet on the market !!! I've tried on the standard choices for race helmets and skied in the Camp speed comp until I finally gave up on that helmet ever fitting. While not a perfect fit, this helmet definitely feels like a helmet and less like a bowl perched over my cranium. After switching out some of the paddings, I was able to dial in a pretty perfect fit. The aero is comfortable, much lighter than its compatriates, and provides solid attachments for head accessories. Hopefully more come in stock soon since it's certainly worth upgrading to.
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