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The Dynafit TLT Helmet really can do it all. It is triple certified for skiing, climbing, and cycling so you can be fast, light, and stylish for every sport in every season. No matter the time of year, a removable visor will help protect you from the sun's glare. Exceptional ventilation system provides comfort and breathability which will help keep you moving throughout the day. A dial located on the back allows for a precise fit so you can find the sweet spot between safety and comfort. The Dynafit TLT helmet is lightweight, adaptable, and compatible with TLT goggle system, and will be the only helmet you need in just about any human-powered discipline.

  • High-performance ventilation system keeps you going no matter the weather.
  • Compact, low-profile design because style and performance can go hand in hand.
  • Lightweight in-mold PC-EPS construction for exceptional protection.
  • Adjustable and removable visor when you want to change style or sport.
  • Elastic headlamp and goggle fixation to keep them on your helmet.
  • Height adjustable turning wheel to dial in comfort and fit.
  • UIAA 106 safety standard.
  • ISMF approved racing helmet.
convert to ounces
380g [S/M]
392g [L/XL]
Certifications CE EN 1077 B (skiing)
CE EN 12492 (climbing & mountaineering)
CE EN 1078 (biking)
Specs Verified yes
Materials   Expanded polystyrene (EPS), polycarbonate (PC), and nylon polyamide (PA)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, climbing, biking, and alpine skiing
Notes Visor is removable
Bottom Line ISMF approved racing helmet
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Zhixing J
How would you compare this one to the Smith Summit helmet? I'm trying to choose a helmet that can keep me safe for resort skiing, ski touring, rock climbing, cycling, and mountaineering. Could you give me some advices please? Also, I wonder how would these triple certified helmets compare to those helmets that are intended for only one activity(e.g. for rock climbing only). Thank!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Zhixing,

This helmet is triple-certified for skiing, biking, and climbing, whereas the Smith is technically only certified for skiing and climbing. So for your use, the Dynafit may offer a bit more protection/assurance. Compared to a rock climbing helmet, a triple-certified helmet will have more protection around the back and side areas of the head. Climbing helmets mainly protect from top-down impacts, like rocks falling on you from above. Skiing and biking helmets have different requirements for protection from falls at different angles. I would not really recommend using a normal climbing helmet for skiing or biking, for this reason.
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Question from David Lim
Asian (or rounder) fit. With the average length to width ratio of 1.3 for the more elongated Caucasian head shape versus the rounder skulls of us Asians (1.1), which skimo helmets on your list lean towards the rounder head shape? Thanks
Answer from eric
Hey David, The Dynafit's are somewhat round but the Camp Voyager might be even rounder but does not go super small in circumference.
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Question from Hugh
The Dynafit page states a weight of 310g for size M. states 380g.
Please could you clarify the weight?
Thanks a lot.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Hugh,

If you see "Specs verified - Yes" on our specs sheet, that means we have verified the weights ourselves. Whenever possible, we publish our own weights. So in this case, we have weighed the item and found it to weigh 380 grams.
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Question from Garrett
What is the weight of the removable visor?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Garrett,

The display model's visor on our shop floor weighs 37.5 grams!
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Question from DK Kim
What are the two bungee loops that camp with the helmet for?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi DK. Those loops are meant to keep your goggle or headlamp straps in place. It is fed through the vent hole just behind the visor and clipped to itself. I've included a picture for reference. Hope this helps.
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Question from Claire C
What is the sizing like for this helmet? I am usually a s/m but based on the sizing chart for this helmet I think that I would be a l/xl. I usually wear a buff and a ball cap, sometimes a thing fleece hat if it is cold so I do like having extra room. Thoughts?
Answer from Emmett I

If the size chart indicates a L/XL and you like to wear a hat under your helmet, I'd go with the L/XL.
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Question from Erick Heyl
Has there been any feedback on fit and compatibility with this helmet and Smith Squad XL goggles?
Answer from Emmett I

So I happen to have a pair myself, just tried them on with the TLT helmet. No gap between the goggles and helmet, and overall seemed comfortable. This helmet does sit a bit higher on your head, like a climbing helmet. It also doesn't have ear pads, which can be weird with goggles. I can't really speak for the style aspect, as that's not my specialty.
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Laura T (used product a few times)
So far this helmet is everything I hoped it to be. A light and comfortable fit, with much better coverage than the Dynafit DNA helmet. I haven't tested it with goggles yet, but my headlamp sits well in comparison to other helmets I have had.
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Question from Jon
Are there available ear pads / flaps for this helmet?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jon, the TLT helmet does not come with ear pads. Pair with a hat or headband for optimal lobe coverage.
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Question from Zach S
I can’t seem to find any information about the integrated goggle straps Dynafit shows on their website for this helmet. Do you all know anything about it and where to get those straps?
Answer from Jeff
HI Zach,
Yes, it is on Dynafit's website, not in the US. Skimo is working on it, but most likely not available here till next Fall.
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Question from Abigail
Does this helmet have MIPS? It looks like it doesn’t based on the description. How does EPS compare with MIPS?
Answer from bruno wick
Hi Abigal
You are correct, the TLT helmet does not have MIPS. EPS is the material they use to make the interior of the helmet and doesn't have any functionality like MIPS.
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Question from Andrew
Does the viser detach for on/off usage?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, yes the visor pops off easily.
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Josef H (used product a few times)
Awesome fit right out of the box , didn,t even need to touch the strap adjusters . Feels so light you can’t even tell it’s on your head . I wear it on the up and obviously down . Vents good too and most importantly it makes me look fast .
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Question from Forest Dramis
Is there any way to attach a headlamp or non-integrated goggles?
Answer from jbo
Hi Forest, yes there is an elastic keeper strap on the back, and the box includes a couple of bungees for attaching straps to the side of the helmet.
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Model: TLT Helmet

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