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Swix is a Norwegian company that is a fixture in alpine and cross-country ski racing. Their poles, waxes, and other accessories have helped athletes win gold medals for the last 60 years. Once skimo racing becomes an Olympic sport, this will surely apply to our niche as well!

Swix Economy Waxing Iron
Nothing improves speed like a good hot wax. If you are an “Instagram skier” then you probably don’t need this, because it’s likely that you look fast enough. Swix’s Waxing Iron is the golden ticket for skiers that prefer to go fast in real life. Easily me..
Swix Scraper Sharpener
You know you ski a lot (or just wax a lot) when your scraper becomes dull. The folks at Swix ski a lot and decided it was time that somebody made a sharpener for wax scrapers. If your wax scraper has rounded edges, the Swix Plexisharpener is the perfect t..
Swix Diamond Stone
Swix’s Diamond Stone is good for polishing edges and removing burrs from rocks or aggressive filing. Less suitably used on finger nails and woodshop projects, this Diamond Stone is perfectly tuned for making sharp ski edges even sharper. Eliminate burrs a..
Swix Gummy Stone
There’s no sense in having a state-of-the-art ski, boot, and binding combo that is poorly maintained. Use a Swix Gummy Stone to remove all the rust and inconsistencies along your ski edges to make the most of your gear. The soft blocks are also great for ..
Swix 2x2 Edger
Early or late season days can take their toll on your gear. After such abuse, make sure your edges are clean, sharp, and happy. Two pre-set side edge angles are built into the 2x2 Edger for simple and accurate hand-tuning. Side Edge angles are set at 87 a..
Swix HS Liquid Wax
HS could stand for "Han Solo," "Handsome Sonofagun," "Homely Sailer" - the list goes on. Swix thought it should stand for "High Speed" when they came out with their HS liquid wax line. Spray on, let sit for 15 minutes, brush it out and hit the snow. Your ..
Swix PS Wax
All good things must come to an end and in this case, it is the CH line of waxes from Swix that have pulled an Irish goodbye. No need to worry however, Swix is still in the bar wax game and one of their offerings is the Performance Speed line. The PS line..
Swix World Cup Scraper Sharpener
Anyone who has tuned skis can tell you that scraping the wax is the most time-consuming and tedious task of the process, and lacking a sharp plastic scraper makes it that much more onerous. With the Swix World Cup Scraper Sharpener, you'll never lack a sh..
Swix Brushes
Wax on...wax off...Congrats, you just waxed your skis, but the job is only half done! Time to brush your sticks for maximum speed and minimal drag out there in the wilds with the lineup from Swix. These brushes are the best around, and nothing's gonna eve..
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Swix Glide Wax Cleaner
Waxing is part science and And when the science lines up, the result is exceptional performance in a variety of conditions. The Swix Glide Wax Cleaner was created as the first part of the waxing equation, allowing you to get the most from ..
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Swix Pro PS Liquid Wax
Because of the perceived hassle of hard wax, many skiers forgo waxing altogether, to the detriment of gliding performance and base longevity. Caring deeply about your gliding performance and base longevity, Swix has introduced the PS Pro Liquid Wax, which..

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