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Early or late season days can take their toll on your gear. After such abuse, make sure your edges are clean, sharp, and happy. Two pre-set side edge angles are built into the 2x2 Edger for simple and accurate hand-tuning. Side Edge angles are set at 87 and 88 degrees (aka 2 or 3). The two options are well labeled for easy identification, so you spend less time reading tuning manuals and more time skiing. The Swix 2x2 Edger makes light work of keeping your edges reliable from tip to tail.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Michele Hart
Does this come with a file or does it need to be purchased separately?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Michele,

It does come with a file designed to work with it, so it is ready to use out of the box. We do sell replacements in case you wear down the stock one!
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Question from Timothy E
Does this only work for the side edges or is this the version that can file the base edges at 0.5/1 degree as well?
Answer from Will M
Hey Timothy,

Thanks for reaching out! This edger cannot file at .5/1 degrees, I believe that item is called the TA3001 Edge Sharpener from Swix which we do not carry at this time.
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Pete (used product regularly)
I was a bit skeptical at first but this does a surprisingly good job. Slices the edge rather than sanding/grinding like many others I've used.

It seems to remove a fair amount of material so perhaps tune your edges sparingly
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Benski (used product regularly)
This little tool from Swix is a great kit bag / car companion for when you want a little more umph on ice or have had a few too many October powder days. The file stays put fairly well, and the plastic provides a little protection for the hands. Much simpler than trying to remember which guides to bring.
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Model: 2x2 Edger MPN: TA3001N UPC: 7045952546049

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