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Wax on...wax off...Congrats, you just waxed your skis, but the job is only half done! Time to brush your sticks for maximum speed and minimal drag out there in the wilds with the lineup from Swix. These brushes are the best around, and nothing's gonna ever keep them down. Multiple options can help you keep it simple or dig into the nerd side of waxing by utilizing the right materials for that perfect finish. If you need some inspiration, a showing of the original, "Karate Kid," is strongly suggested.

Nylon - Jack of all trades, master of all as well. Keep it simple with this brush as a stand-alone or add it in between a bronze brush for hard waxes and follow up with the horse hair brush as the cherry on top.

Soft Nylon - Great brush to get into all the nooks and crannies of your base's structure.

Brass Brush with Soft Nylon - Use before waxing to dig dirt out of your base structure. Use it after scraping to open up your bases, especially helpful with harder waxes! Soft Nylon helps grab wax that the brass may leave behind.

Horsehair - Ultimate finishing tool. Grabs the last of the wax that may be lurking in your base structure to maximize speed right out of the gate.

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