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All good things must come to an end and in this case, it is the CH line of waxes from Swix that have pulled an Irish goodbye. No need to worry however, Swix is still in the bar wax game and one of their offerings is the Performance Speed line. The PS line is the replacement of the CH line bringing better durability and performance. The PS waxes are fluoro free and ready to make your skins or skis real fast. On those cold, blustery dawn patrols you'll be glad you took your time and applied some PS5, a fantastic choice for colder snow temps. Once the sun starts to make a longer appearance in the spring it will be time to turn to your PS8 or PS10. Covering a wide range of temps, if you're outside of these parameters you're probably either on Mars, or wake boarding. If you're a bar wax fan it will be hard to go wrong with the PS line from Swix.

Wax # Temp Range Celsius
#5 14°F to 10°F -10°C to -18°C
#6 21°F to 10°F -6°C to -12°C
#7 28°F to 18°F -2°C to -8°C
#8 39°F to 25°F 4°C to -4°C
#10 50°F to 32°F 10°C to 0°C

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Benski (used product regularly)
Love the new(ish) Swix PS lineup, including the 5 wax which is awesome for many colder days. In both consumer form (sold here) and shop form it is easy to work with, durable, and at a friendly price point. Swix was kind enough to keep the color system relatively close, so easy to phase in the new PS as old CH stock runs out.
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