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Because of the perceived hassle of hard wax, many skiers forgo waxing altogether, to the detriment of gliding performance and base longevity. Caring deeply about your gliding performance and base longevity, Swix has introduced the PS Pro Liquid Wax, which offers excellent performance, decent longevity, and easy application. Utilizing a sponge applicator, the PS Pro dispenses wax cleanly onto the ski base while also preventing aerosolized wax particles from ending in your lungs. The formula is free from fluorinated materials and also emphasizes raw materials with sustainable sourcing. Designed to provide excellent performance without breaking the bank, the environment, or your health, the Swix PS Pro Liquid Waxes are an easy choice for any at-home wax kit

  • Sponge applicator keeps wax from ending up in your lungs, leading to happier and healthier pulmonary alveoli.
  • Different temperature applications allow you to select the correct wax for the conditions.
  • Fluoro-free formula prevents unnecessary contamination of your drinking water.
  • Pairs well with a nylon brush for quick and easy removal.
Wax # Temp Range Celsius
#6 21°F to 10°F -6°C to -12°C
#7 28°F to 18°F -2°C to -8°C
#8 39°F to 25°F 4°C to -4°C
#10 50°F to 32°F 10°C to 0°C

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