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Tecnica Ski Touring Boots

Founded in Italy in 1960, the Tecnica boot company's initial focus was on quality work boots. As trends in manufacturing materials and processes were developing, Tecnica introduced the world's first bi-injected plastic ski boot in 1970. Award winning innovation and quality has followed the company ever since. Today Tecnica is renowned for making some of the best fitting and best ski touring boots on the market.

Tecnica Boot Parts
Uh oh. If you've navigated to this page, you are likely searching for a replacement part for your broken Tecnica boot. We here at Skimo Co. wish to extend our deepest condolences to you and your boots. It's never fun to break a boot, especially before the..
From $12.99
Tecnica Zeppas
Fashionably known as Zeppas in Italy, these boot boards are replacements for the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro, Scout, Tour, and all Peak boots. Choose based on the size of your shell and get back out there with intact bootboards. Note they can be ground down i..
Tecnica Zero G Peak Boot - Women
In every skier tourer's career, there comes a time to hang up the four-buckle boots and pursue the full experience of unhindered mountain movement. Whether it’s your first encounter with alpine-style speed or your thousandth, the Zero G Peak Women’s Boot ..
$899.95 $849.95
Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon Boot
It’s said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” While we don’t claim skiing a gazillion vertical feet to be a necessity, it certainly inspired innovation in the form of Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon! This boot enters a small but increasingly prominent..
$999.95 $949.95
Tecnica Zero G Tour Scout Boot - Women
Gear that enables you to perform how you want to without being unmanageably heavy is the ultimate end goal of every ski brand. While some folks classify themselves as dedicated backcountry fiends, many (if not most) skiers dart back and forth between the ..
Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro Boot
The Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro could easily be overlooked due to its typical ski-boot-like appearance. It sports a four-buckle overlap design, rockered Vibram rubber sole, and ski/walk mechanism on the spine. Just a checklist beef boot with nothing to see he..
$898.95 $798.95

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