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Gear that enables you to perform how you want to without being unmanageably heavy is the ultimate end goal of every ski brand. While some folks classify themselves as dedicated backcountry fiends, many (if not most) skiers dart back and forth between the skintrack and the chairlift. For the lady skiers who split their time between the resort and the backcountry, Tecnica has the lightweight and powerful Zero G Tour Scout boot. Four buckles and 55° range of motion rarely combine in one package, but the Zero G Tour Scout boot isn't your everyday boot. Here in the shop, we tend to develop favorite products in each category, and if you're a lady skier and are looking for a hard-charging four buckle boot, this is likely to be the first option we have you try on. If you like to ski hard and tend to blur the lines between in-bounds and the remote backcountry, the Tecnica Zero G Tour Scout is for you.

  • Weighing in around 1325g, this boot straddles the beef and touring boot categories due to its four buckles, weight, and walkability.
  • Tecnica used Grilamid in the shell, sticking with a tried and true material that molds well and is durable for the life of the boot.
  • Tecnica's Ultralight Light Fit lace liner allows you to articulate the fit and feel of the boot just how you like.
  • A burly power strap helps to make this boot feel much like an alpine boot on the descent.
  • The ski/walk lever has a knotted cord on it, making it easy to switch even with gloves on.

Update 2022/23: The Zero G scout changed colors and received a liner upgrade. The liner is more articulate and has additional denser CAS foam in the heel for improved retention and longevity. This added 34 grams overall.

convert to ounces
1359g [25.5]
Weight (pair) 2718g [25.5]
Buckles   4
Boot Sole Length   263mm [22.5 - 2022/23+]
273mm [22.5 - 2021/22-]
273mm [23.5]
283mm [24.5]
293mm [25.5]
303mm [26.5]
313mm [27.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   55°
Forward Lean(s)   12°, 13°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   C.A.S. Grilamid shell and PU cuff
Liner   Ultralight Lite Fit liner
Sole   Vibram
Skimo Co Says
Usage Sidecountry skiing, casual backcountry touring
Notes The rockered vibram sole really shines on techy scrambles
Bottom Line For how well it skis, remarkably light and walkable
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Lisa
I've had these boots for a few years now and found them to be a comfortable fit out of the box. Uphill the performance is everything I would expect them to be....downhill however I can't get forward. I tried adding a heal lift (4mm) which helped a lot but the fit of the boot is off now. My binding is a Dynafit Radical and I've been told most people if anything add a lift to the toe piece (for customized performance) never to the heal. What is going on here? It really seems as if something is off on my set up. Out of curiosity, does anyone know the ramp angle of this boot?
Answer from Emmett I

One thing to try would be adding a bit of foam to the back of the cuff as a spoiler. That will help increase the forward lean a bit. When people add a shim to the toe they are typically trying to reduce the feeling of being on their tippy toes, which can be an issue as the Radical has a pretty high delta. If you want to go into more detail, shoot us an email at!
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Question from Abc
Can you confirm the BSL for the 22.5? Tecnica's site claims "All Zero G women's boots are available in a TRUE 22.5 MP"
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Abc, the current model year 22.5 shell is in fact a true 22.5 with a BSL of 263mm. I've updated the specs to reflect that. Note that this is NOT true of the 21/22 model year boots that we also still have in stock, that 22.5 shell is 273mm.
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Question from Sarah
Hi there, I have some new Scouts and they are awesome overall. Couple of things on my first long skin and ski: at the second buckle from the bottom, it seems like I was loosing some circulation during the skin, and my toes were getting a little numb: also, on the way down, the lean was great and performance was good, but my feet were swimming just a touch. I have stock liners and footbed and had the buckles all undone for the skin. Any thoughts on how to remedy these two issues? Thanks!
Answer from eric
Sarah, It might be worth emailing us directly at for more in depth help. But two things to try is putting in a custom or semi custom foot bed to help support the foot and reposition you in the shell. After that visiting a boot fitter might be the next option.
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Question from Christopher Mahoney
Does this boot have any compatibility with traditional alpine bindings? Like Look or Marker etc?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Christopher! Concerning traditional alpine bindings, the Zero Gs are compatible with MNC bindings and Sole.ID (ISO 9523 - Touring). An example of one of these bindings would be Salomon Warden MNC 13. Thanks!
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Question from Kathy
I have a bulky ankle. Looking for a comfortable boot for mostly resort skiing. I ski a lot in backcountry on my scarpa gea rs, and like them but don't think they are comfortable enough for run after run on the lifts. Wondering if this boot is worth trying for me?
Answer from eric
Kathy- Fill out our online Boot Fitter and lets dive into this deeper.
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Question from Jeffrey C
I see that there is a mark on the side for +1 degree forward lean but there is no way to adjust it -- any thoughts?
Answer from Jeffrey C,Pro%2C%20for%202018%2D2019.
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