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Voile started supplying Salt Lake City with solid lightweight backcountry skis in 1991. Their simple formula has been so successful that you can now find their skis all over the world. The basic recipe is this: "make as lightweight as possible without compromising performance."

Now that you know the secret, you can either choose to make your own skis, or purchase the tried-and-true Vectors. Based on the same hybrid rocker design (tip rocker, camber underfoot) of the Drifter and Charger skis, the Vector is the trimmest ski in the Voile line (except of course for the new Wasatch Speed Project race ski). They call it a "mid-fat" ski, but around the Skimo camp we're going to go ahead and call it "high-fat". That must mean their other skis have "excess fat", but who are we to judge. If you are looking for a stable and floaty powder ski without said excess fat, check out the amazing Vector. You legs will thank you. As will your wallet, since this is a very affordable ski made in the U.S.A.

Lengths (cm) 160, 170, 180
convert to ounces
1270g [160]
1390g [170]
1560g [180]
Weight (pair) 2540g [160]
2780g [170]
3120g [180]
Dimensions   115-92-104 [160]
118-94-107 [170]
121-96-110 [180]
Turn Radius   20.0m [160]
21.7m [170]
23.0m [180]
Skin Fix   Basic wire tip and tail clips
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Tip rocker, camber underfoot, early rise tail
Shape   Smooth medium radius, rounded tip & tail
Construction   Cap
Core   Light Aspen
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lapping powder and crud
Notes Easy skiing radius and rocker
Bottom Line Simple. Solid. Backcountry. Voile

Questions & Reviews

Benski (used product regularly)
I loved these skis for hut access (with the BC fish scale pattern). Perfect width with enough float for most Colorado days, and enough edge and length to keep you moving efficiently. Topsheets scratches fairly easily and bases were not as hard as some I have tried, but liked these enough to get a slightly wider v6 in a shorter length (to easier fit in the car).
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Travis (downright abused product)
Love these skis. Perfect Volcano ski. I combined it with a TLT Speed Superlight and it was a fantastic combination. Easy turns, light weight, great spring ski.
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Steve Sellers (downright abused product)
Used Vectors for 2 seasons. I've got a decent quiver. Several race skis that are way lighter/smaller, fatter skis that aren't too much heavier, but I only ski Vectors now in the BC. They're certainly wide enough. They're definately light enough. And they're durable (I can say this after dozens and dozens of ski outings in the last 2 years of use). They have ample float for powder. They turn miraculously easy w/ their effective rocker, and are serviceable on hardpack.

I got my Vectors after racing on the Voile WSP, which I totally love. The WSP is based on the Vector platform, which is why I purchased the Vectors and I certainly haven't been disappointed.

I haven't tried the Vector BC model w/ fishscale bottoms, but I'm tempted, just to have another pair of Vectors in my quiver.
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T Beck (downright abused product)
I owned a pair of 180cm Voile Vectors for several seasons and absolutely loved them! Terrific ski for variable conditions and perfect powder days, they even made me feel like a decent skiier on crummy days (ski gets the credit on this one). They skin and ski a little shorter due to the rockered profile, something i really enjoyed as well. I notched out the tip to take a dynafit skin and they didnt give me any problems.

Although pretty light when released, they are now starting to look pretty plump compared to all the carbon powder skis coming to the market but they are a great ski for the money and all around performance.
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Nick (used product a few times)
I've been using the Vectors recently on windblown hardback with some ice, crust and powder thrown in… However the Vectors have been quite extraordinary - very light, stiff, great edge hold and tough too, having been thrown on and off snowmobiles quite a bit. My initial concerns that the rocker tip and greater width would make for less control in these conditions were soon forgotten as I discovered that these skis could do pretty much everything. With waists these wide, it does help to put ski crampons on sooner rather than later when traversing in hard conditions but other than that these have been pretty flawless so far.
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Model: Vector

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