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Looking for the most precise tech mount in the world? Want to have the best fitting backcountry ski boots? We have you covered. Check out all our professional services.

Tech bindings are not as straightforward as alpine bindings to mount. Heel pins need to be aligned with the tech fittings on your boot, requiring careful adjustment of the toe piece. The spacing between your boot and heel housing needs to be set precisely, which is especially tricky with un-adjustable race bindings. The release need to be tested with special tools. We will mount..
Assembling and trimming skins is messy work. We’ve invested in tools to make the job easier while producing superior results. Customize your dream skin with a combination of quality material, tips and (optionally) tails. Edge Trim – As the name implies, trim-to-fit skins need to be trimmed. Preparing for the cut takes time if you want a centered skin. Revealing just the right am..
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Feet don't feel great? Let us help you get your ski boots dialed in and comfortable. We have an oven, press, and plenty of other tools and tricks to get your feet feeling happy while you're touring, both up and down. Schedule an appointment or just drop on by. Learn about our bootfitting process here. Shell Punch - Any stretching or modification to the shell to make it bigger (p..
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We offer backcountry ski, boot, skin, and accessory rentals. Prices listed are per-day for demo-quality ski touring gear. If you want to try a ski before you buy it, we subtract a day's rental fee from the purchase price. Our current lineup is listed below, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Local pickup in Salt Lake City is required at this time. * Please note you a..
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Skimo Co is a professional service center that specializes in lightweight backcountry touring and racing gear. Our Salt Lake City facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as the Montana Jetbond binding testing device. We regularly have folks ship us gear from across the country because they know their job will be performed accurately and timely. We stand behind all..
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Your airbag canister is way too heavy to carry around without pressurized air in it! Whether it recently saved your life, you've flown to town, or just want to test it - we can refill Arva (air and nitrogen), Ortovox, Mammut, and BCA canisters. This service is limited to our brick-and-mortar retail location since we cannot ship pressurized canisters. ..
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The Phantom Installation, when done carefully and correctly, will penetrate the entire depth of your bases, evenly from tip to tail, creating a permanently bonded union between your beloved skis or snowboard and this sweet, sweet elixir from the snow Gods. Permanently bonded is no joke either. Once installed, it is there for the life of your base! Tune after tune, grind after grind..
From $60.00
We are happy to offer specialized backcountry ski tunes. We have calibrated our machines and ski techs to work with thin bases and edges to maximize the lifespan of your lightweight backcountry skis. See below for details. Full Tune - The full Monty of p-tex fills, high-end stone grind, edge bevelling, and infrared wax that matches the current conditions in the wild Wasatch. Ext..
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