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We offer free shipping on orders over $50 to all 50 states.  We can ship internationally, although several brands have requested that we not ship their products outside of the United States or North America (you will get a warning at checkout).  Expedited shipping is available for all orders.

Mounting Bindings

We take the guess work out of mounting tech bindings, where precision is key.  If you buy equipment from us, we will mount your bindings for free or at a discount (see pricing here).  You may in some cases incur shipping costs to get your equipment to us.  For adjustable bindings when we do not have your boot, you may have to do a final adjustment to fit your boot using manufacturer instructions.  Please remember that few tech bindings are DIN certified and we cannot be liable for injuries that may result from pre-release or non-release.

Building Skins

We can build your dream skins. Choose from several rolls of material and various tip and tail attachments to fit your skis. We do professional edge trims by using specialized (and expensive) tools. We can even notch your skis to fit your favorite race bungees. Don’t compromise on your climbing skins. Details

Boot Fitting

Need new boots? Old boots are good but not perfect? Come see us and get your boots dialed in. We can customize just about any ski boot, new or old. Make your feet happy!  Details

Testing Products

We love ski mountaineering and are always excited to try new gear.  If you have a product you wish us to evaluate for market, send it to us and we will give it a thorough tryout.  We will often write about our experience, both good and bad.


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