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Born from passion, built in Italy. These coveted products are built to the highest standards with the latest technologies. Founded in 2007 and located in Fiorano Modenesethis, a bastion of engineering, ATK builds mechanically sound bindings that are ready to support any adventure you can conceive.

ATK Ski Crampons
It's hard to argue with stronger and lighter! ATK placed itself front and center in the eyes of the ski mountaineering crowd with a knockout ski crampon made with a robust, lightweight alloy. Designed by Batman himself, these sinister-looking crampons ins..
From $74.95
ATK Kevlar Core Leashes
ATK leashes are made with a Kevlar core to be ultralight yet strong. They extend up to 60cm (two feet) but have a spiral polyurethane sheath that otherwise prevents them from slopping around and getting caught on branches. A simple clipping system lets yo..
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ATK Raider 12 Binding
You flock to the backcountry because you don’t want to follow rules or be told what to do. Ski touring allows you to set a skintrack and go where you want. In the backcountry, there aren’t ski patrollers telling you to slow down or restricting where you c..
$649.95 $549.95
ATK Replacement Brakes
Here lies a collection of various brakes made for ATK ski bindings. Most often available in 75mm, 86mm, 91mm, 97mm, 102mm, 108mm, and 120mm widths. These are the replacement brakes for ATK's touring line. If you're looking to add brakes to a race binding,..
From $69.95
ATK Crest 8 Binding
Small and light skiers know it can be hard to find a touring binding that meets all your needs without infringing on your safety. A lightweight, full featured binding with low release settings can be a rare gem, but thankfully ATK has excavated the gleami..
$499.95 $399.95
ATK Candy 5 Binding
Historically, the lack of backcountry equipment designed for children was a convenient excuse to leave them behind for some much-needed alone time in the backcountry. Unfortunately (fortunately?), ATK is blowing this excuse out of the water with the intro..
$359.95 $249.95
ATK Haute Route Binding
Long and hard traverses are long and hard. To make your travels less hard (though not less long), appropriate equipment selection is critical to shave grams where possible without jeopardizing durability as you traverse large swathes of wilderness. ATK ha..
$589.95 From $489.95
ATK Kuluar 12 LT Binding
The middle ground. This oft-forgotten principle takes the good from the extremes and combines them into a solution that is often better for all involved. Imagine that! It was with this thoughtful approach that ATK created the Kuluar 12 LT. Turns out, the ..
ATK Kuluar 9 LT Binding
Does a dawn patrol mean at least 4-5000 feet of climbing? Do you want to ski lines in multiple drainages in one day? Weighing in around the 200-gram mark, the ATK Kuluar 9 LT should be the lightweight speed tourer's weapon of choice. As you begin your day..
$449.95 $399.95
ATK C-Raider 12 Binding
Like the renaissance in Europe, we too, as the backcountry skiing community, are experiencing a renaissance in technology after enduring the dark, dark years that saw the usage of such torture devices known as “frame bindings.” Front and center in this re..
ATK Trofeo Binding
Historically, race binding selection was based on an individual's needed release value and not much else. So even though the metallic hue of that one binding was calling your name, too bad! At least until now, that is. With the Trofeo, ATK has made the sa..
ATK Binding Parts
Whether it's replacement parts or additional accessories, here are all the bits and pieces we have collected for your ATK bindings. Titanium U-Springs - Pair of titanium heel forks for the SL World Cup and Revolution bindings. Also works with the Hagan..
From $0.55
ATK Heel Pieces
There's nothing worse than having an awesome backcountry setup that you can't use simply because of one measly broken heel piece. Fear not, as these ATK heel pieces are sold individually for a less costly replacement process. Single heel pieces are also g..
From $84.95
ATK Toe Pieces
Break a toe? Building a frankenbinding? Need some toes for a splitboard? Making an expensive Christmas tree ornament? Whatever your reason, we have the ATK toe pieces that you need. Sold individually. Binding Model Weight (g) Weight..
From $159.95
ATK Revolution WC Binding
The Revolution World Cup binding by ATK is their ultimate race binding - pushing double digits of grams per ski. But while other ultralight race bindings go as simple as possible to reach that coveted 100g mark, ATK rose to the challenge and produced a ra..
$569.95 From $469.95
ATK Adjustment Plates
R01 - 30mm Heel - Heel adjustment plate with 30mm of range. Compatible with all ATK race heels. Also compatible with Ski Trab Gara Titan, La Sportiva RSR, and other Hagan/BD race heels. With bolts it weighs just 36g (1.3oz). Adds 5.5mm of heel stack. Stoc..
From $54.95
ATK Crest 10 Binding - 2023/24
The ATK Crest 10 reminds us of that saying, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Except, with these bindings, you actually can…metaphorically, anyways (don’t eat your bindings). They prove that you can have all the features AND go lightweight too. T..
$499.95 $399.95
ATK Revolution Brake WC Binding
An enhanced version of the Revolution WC binding, the Revolution Brake WC is designed for those seeking the podium, albeit with an insurance policy in case their high-speed straight line doesn’t go quite according to plan: ski brakes. This also makes the ..
ATK SL World Cup Binding
As race bindings got lighter and lighter over the years, your options for release values started shrinking. In other words, you got a fixed release system and it either worked for your or it didn’t. The engineering maniacs at ATK were the first to reverse..
$599.95 $499.95
ATK C-Raider 10 Binding
ATK's latest addition to their composite Raider series delivers another durable and weight-conscientious binding in the C-Raider 10. With a carbon composite toe frame interspersed with aluminum and stainless steel parts, this binding is fully featured, fu..
$569.95 $499.95
ATK Trofeo Brake Binding
As per usual in sports, World Cup competitions drive innovation. The Trofeo Brake Bindings allow entry into the race category with an ISMF-approved braking system that doubles as compliance with ski-resort policies. With one heel flap that controls uphill..
$519.95 $499.95
ATK Raider 13 Evo Binding
The Raider 13 Evo is ATK’s new flagship binding, and it’s ready to take you to the top of the mountain and get you down in just about any manner you desire. A couple of key features make it stand out from past models and the competition: automatic ski bra..
$699.95 $599.95
ATK Freeraider 15 Evo Binding
Built for the hardest chargers amongst us, the Freeraider 15 Evo is designed to provide the confidence needed to send it in the backcountry, while still being friendly to haul far away from the trailhead. Setting itself apart from other Raider bindings is..
$739.95 $639.95
ATK RT 8 Evo Binding
The most fundamental of ATK's "Evo" series of bindings, the RT 8 Evo binding is the evolution of the Crest 8. Historically, lighter-weight skiers have a more limited selection of touring bindings to pick from, but thankfully the RT 8 Evo exists to fit the..
$579.95 $479.95
ATK RT 10 Evo Binding
If the ATK Crest 10 is a base model Subaru Outback, the RT 10 is the Subaru Outback - Wilderness Edition. Both are highly functional, but the latter has more bells and whistles that result in a more refined user experience. Rest assured that neither the R..
$579.95 $479.95
ATK Raider 11 Evo Binding
The Raider Evo series sits atop the ATK throne as their flagship binding, with the Raider 11 Evo positioned to serve lighter-weight skiers. Setting itself apart from other, non-Evo Raider bindings, the Raider 11 Evo has automatic brakes and release adjust..
$699.95 $599.95
ATK Touring Ski Brakes
It is a common occurrence to see race bindings adorning skis from all categories. The reason for this is simple; race bindings are simple, durable, and tour extremely well. Seeing this, ATK has produced the Touring Ski Brake, which allows you to have the ..
ATK U-Spring Handling Clamps
While not rocket science, changing a U-spring can be challenging. Namely, spreading the U-Spring apart to slide it into or out of position on the turret. Making this daunting task easier is the ATK U-Spring Handling Clamp, which acts to help spread the U-..
ATK Haute Route Plus Binding
The ATK Haute Route Plus is the flag bearer in the "Lean" binding category that we made up. Skipping the brakes while offering multiple risers and fully adjustable release and sole length, the Plus offers just the right features at a compelling weight. Si..

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