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SCARPA is an Italian manufacturer that has been handcrafting footwear since 1938. An early bond formed between the company and the local mountaineering culture that eventually led to its currenty position as a market leader. SCARPA makes a wide range of quality backcountry ski boots, and we are especially impressed with their Alien series.

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SCARPA Alien 1.1 Boot
A fixture at the head of any skimo race, the original Alien 1.0 established a new performance-to-weight benchmark. It’s difficult to imagine improving on a winner like this, but no one is arguing the reformulation doesn’t do just that. We’re calling it th..
SCARPA Alien Boot
The zombie Alien apocalypse we really wanted has arrived, and it's looking to be a good time. Updated and back from the dead, the SCARPA Alien ski boot got some renovations that improve upon the previous model. Still the prime choice for the skier who sit..
SCARPA Alien 3.0 Boot
A third Alien has landed! And this one is not cheap like the 1.0. That’s because SCARPA used 100% carbon fiber in both the upper and lower shell, shedding hundreds of grams in the process. The result is a skimo racing machine, built for serious competitor..
$2499.95 From $1999.96
SCARPA Alien RS Boot
Every so often a company will debut a category-shattering display of engineering that seems to break all kinds of rules, defy stereotypes, and spearhead a new generation of skiing. Behold: The Alien RS. Holding true to the da Vinci mantra "simplicity is t..
SCARPA Alien 1.0 Boot
SCARPA says that never before has anything this lightweight provided this much performance. At Skimo Co, we tend to agree. Liberal use of carbon fiber and a cleverly designed minimalist buckle system allows these boots to cross the finish line at a scant ..
$1798.95 $1169.32
The F1 is back! This time with a standard ski/walk mode switch. When the first edition of this boot was recalled due to over-innovation, we had a hard time getting all the boots back from customers (in fact some still have them). That’s because the F1 wal..
$698.95 From $471.11
SCARPA F1 Boot Anniversary Edition
What better way to commemorate SCARPA’s 80th anniversary than by giving their crown jewel a Ferrari-red paint job? The F1 boot has proven time and again that it deserves to be painted red. The lightweight nylon shell, Pebax tongue, and a 62° range-of-moti..
$749.95 $562.46
SCARPA F1 Boot - Women
Here’s what happened: the recalled F1 Evo boots were melted down, fed to an improved boot making machine, and spit out into boxes. You can now have your boots back, which were the only ones that fit, we know! The improved F1 is virtually the same boot as ..
$698.95 From $498.21
SCARPA Maestrale RS 2.0 Boot
The Maestrale RS is one of the bestselling backcountry ski boots of all time. Generally, the rule of thumb for a time-tested classic is to not modify it much. That is, unless you plan on making it lighter, increasing stiffness, and vastly improving the wa..
$798.95 From $635.96
SCARPA Gea RS 2.0 Boot
For good reason, the Gea RS was one of the best-selling women’s alpine touring boots of all time. SCARPA gave the 2.0 version a substantial overhaul and it’s better than ever. Substantially increasing the cuff articulation and dropping enough weight to sa..
$798.95 From $635.96
Racing and touring is hard on liners. Sweat builds up; articulation causes chaffing. Replace your SCARPA boot liners with a fresh pair, listed below by model. Alien 1.0 (original) - Intuition Light liner is as snug as a sock. In fact, you have to put i..
From $149.95
SCARPA Alien Gaiter
The extra-terrestrial design of the SCARPA Alien / Alien 1.0 boots has one major consequence of shaving all those grams: the liner is exposed to the elements. Remedies include wearing skin-tight suits with stirrups, using this handy gaiter, or only skiing..
SCARPA Logo Trucker Hat
Every good ski company needs a trucker hat, which is why our introduction of the SCARPA Logo Trucker hat is long overdue. Instead of calling it something fancy like “cappelo,” SCARPA decided to call it what it is: the Logo Trucker Hat. Of course, they pro..
SCARPA Logo T-Shirt
It’s time to profess love for your favorite Italian footwear manufacturer to the general public. Made with a very precise 52% Cotton and 48% Polyester blend, the Logo Tee fits in while on a spring ski tour or hanging out at the crag. Speaking of fitting i..
SCARPA Logo T-Shirt - Women
If SCARPA runs through your veins, the time has come for you to don the Women’s Logo Tee. This act is mutually beneficial for both SCARPA and the wearer. SCARPA is being advertised by the wearer using a great conversation starter. The wearer is being trea..
Alien 1.1 Dynarace Cord - One replacement cord for your Alien 1.1. Works with all sizes; may need to trim excess on shorter sizes. Alien 1.1 Cord Catch - The catch and rivet of the Alien 1.1 cuff for your cord. Alien 1.0 Cord Guide, Spectra - The co..
From $4.00
SCARPA Ski-Walk Mechanism Parts
All parts sold as individuals unless noted otherwise. Alien 1.0 Tour Lever: The ski/walk lever for the first generation Scarpa Alien 1.0. Does not include any hardware. Alien 1.0 Tour Lever Mount: The mounting hardware kit for the Alien 1.0. Alie..
From $1.00
SCARPA Buckles and Straps
Alien Upper Ladder Catch: The upper buckle catch bolted onto the cuff of the plastic Alien. F1 Power Strap 21.5-25.0, Pair: The upper Velcro powerstrap for the Scarpa F1. F1 Power Strap 25.5-27.0, Pair: The upper Velcro powerstrap for the Scarpa F1...
From $19.95
SCARPA Boa Parts
Alien Large Boa Guide: The larger of the two Boa guides, usually found closer to the cuff of your boot. Alien Small Boa Guide: The smaller of the two Boa guides, usually found closest to the toe of your boot. Boa Cable 110mm: 110mm of steel Boa cabl..
From $3.00
SCARPA Boot Boards
Boot boards for SCARPA boots. Sold as a pair unless otherwise noted and sized according to the shell size of your boot. ..
SCARPA Hardware
All parts sold as individuals unless noted otherwise. Alien 1.0 Cuff Bushing: The bushing that helps your boot walk and is probably worn out if you’re looking for it. Alien 1.0 Knurled Cuff Spacer Alien 1.0 Outside Cuff Washer: The outermost wash..
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