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Backpacks are like best friends that hug you and keep you safe. They've always got your back and, as long as you remember to bring them along, will be there for you no matter what. But when you're out breaking trail and your backpack is left to bring up the rear, who has your backpack's back? The ARVA Helmet Holder is one candidate. It keeps the lines of your backpack* tight for the descent, but gives you a tidy location to store your helmet for the climb.

* Note the holder is designed for ARVA packs but adjustable enough to work with most backpacks that have lateral compression straps.

Questions & Reviews

TacoLikesWeed (used product a few times)
This works and fits my main pack. That brand that everyone has and starts with O. The pack came with a carry for dinky climber helmets so I had to try this.

I use a Smith Vantage and it's one of the larger helmets out there. On this helmet carry I have to extend the buckles almost all the way out and the earpieces on the helmet must be folded inwards to get this to fit well. Doing this doesn't make it so snug it's a pain so I'd say it just barely makes it for field use if you do have a larger helmet.

It's definitely locked to the pack as I can't pull the helmet out from above. However, you can slide the webbing downwards and the helmet comes out without having to remove a buckle so you're probably good here.

Nice little addition that adds ease rather than fiddling with carrying gear. And yes it has metal buckles.
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Will (used product a few times)
Hooks are plastic, not metal. Not a big deal but you should change the photo, this is not the product you get. Otherwise this product works great. I have an 10 year old Osprey 22L pack that it attaches to, no issues.
Reply from Teddy Young
Hey Will, thanks for catching that! Looks like there was a change from plastic to metal recently, but we should be shipping only the metal hook version from here forward.
Reply from Neil M
I just received this last week (1/20/23), and the hooks are still plastic, not aluminum as states in the description and above.
Reply from jbo
Hi Neil, sorry but ARVA switched back to plastic. We've edited the description.
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Question from cmcs
I need this. When will you guys have it in stock?
Answer from Trace Leches
Not sure. We can add it to our next order. Respond to the email that this comment is going to send you with a first, last, and email address and I will let you know when it shows up.
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Question from Mike
Are the buckles plastic or metal?
Answer from Nate
Hi Mike, the buckles on this product are plastic.
Answer from J J
They are also Black, and this helmet holder is universal for the most part and will fit other brands packs if they have 4 anchor points.
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