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Arva Race 240 Probe

Brand: ARVA
Model: Race 240 Probe
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Price: $89.95

If you are in need of a super lightweight, skimo racing specific probe, look no further than the Arva Race 240. This probe weighs just 120g and, like the older Carbon Compact, has eight 30cm sections rather than six 40cm sections. Looking to be even more compact and lightweight? The Race 240 Probe can answer your call; one section can be removed if desired, saving some weight and length when it isn’t necessary. The Race 240 is extremely compact and lightweight and meets ISMF and PDG standards. Offering a blend of responsibility to your ski partners and extra room in your pack, the ARVA Race 240 probe is the safe choice for the weight and space conscious.

  • Ultra-lightweight 10mm diameter carbon fiber tubing.
  • Compact 30cm segments make for easy pack stowing.
  • Kevlar cord will not break and uses a simple knot-in-a-slot to hold tension.
  • Markings every five centimeters help gauge the depth of a victim.
  • 240cm length meets ISMF and PDG regulations.
  • Can be shortened to 210cm by removing a segment.
-> ounces
Length 240cm
Sections 8
Materials Carbon fiber shaft, kevlar cord
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo Racing
Notes Can be shortened to 210cm by removing a segment
Bottom Line Lightweight, packable probe that meets ISMF and PDG standards

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