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There are few things worse than carrying extra weight, especially when trying to move quickly and efficiently through the mountains. With the Reactor Tour 28 UL Airbag Pack, Arva has created an airbag for the weight conscious, ensuring you can have the protection of an airbag, without being weighed down. Predominantly built using recycled 210D CORDURA fabric, the Reactor Tour 28 UL is light and tough, allowing it to shrug off errant tree branches during brushy exits. To help keep snow and moisture from soaking through, Arva wisely chose to use a 4-layer waterproof X-PAC material on the front panel, helping keep your layers dry for when you need them. The low profile airbag compartment remains inobtrusive while front access to the main compartment allows you to quickly grab an extra layer to cope with an icy breeze. For Spring tours, the shoulder strap features an expandable pocket that can easily accommodate a 500ml soft flask or water bottle, allowing you to remain hydrated on the go. For vertical adventures, the Reactor Tour 28 UL has space to easily carry two ice axes while you can choose from either a diagonal or A-frame ski carry for steep booting sections. If you want an avalanche airbag that will keep up with your aspirations, the Arva Tour 28 UL is up for the task.

  • Diaganol or A-Frame ski carry gives you plenty of options when booting up steep terrain.
  • Two large quick-access mesh pockets on either side of the hip belt allow you to store needed items close at hand.
  • Soft flask pocket on the shoulder strap allows you to stay hydrated during warm Spring days.
  • Able to carry two ice axes for all your vertical endeavors.
  • Exceptionally water-repellent front panel helps protect your gear from moisture.
  • Daisy Chain straps work seamlessly with the Arva Helmet Holder, allowing you to bring along a helmet if desired.
  • Reactor 2.0 airbag system is low profile, meaning you won't notice it until you need it.
  • Pair it with the Carbon Airbag Cylinder for the best weight savings.

convert to ounces
1416g [without canister]
Volume 28L
Access Front
Hydration Not compatible
Ski Carry Diagonal, A-Frame
Gear Loops 2
Helmet Attachment Separate
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   210D Cordura and X-PAC
Skimo Co Says
Usage Keeping you afloat without weighing you down
Notes Soft flask pocket on the shoulder strap
Bottom Line Ultralight airbag pack that can keep up on big missions
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tyler
What's the actual volume of this pack, with canister & airbag installed ?

You have the Reactor *25* listed as having 18L of volume, explaining in the comments the discrepancy is due to the airbag system + canister taking up 7L of space. However, the volume for the Reactor 28 here is listed as 28L. So either there's a discrepancy is Arva's naming conventions for the new version of the pack, or there's a discrepancy in how you're reporting volume.

Thanks in advance !
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Tyler,

We don't really have a great way to measure the actual volume of the pack precisely. However, the new pack does have more volume than the 25 liter version. The form factor is more or less the same in terms of length and width, but it's deeper in the outward direction, from the back panel out.

The airbag and cannister on the inside take up roughly the same amount of room as in the old pack. So with Arva's stated 28l of volume, doing the math, that brings us to around 21-22l of usable volume in the new pack.
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