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ARVA Airbag Canister

Brand: ARVA
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In the unfortunate situation that you reach for your ARVA Reactor trigger handle, you’re going to want a canister attached to the other end. These high-strength canisters are built to withstand the pressure necessary to inflate your airbag and durable enough to tolerate the rough handling brought on by mountain travel. The canisters are available in two versions:

  • Steel Air cylinders contain compressed air and can be refilled at ARVA refill centers as well as SCUBA or paintball shops. 630g.
  • Steel Nitrogen cylinders are pre-filled with nitrogen and can be exchanged at authorized ARVA retailers. They cannot be refilled. 530g.
-> ounces
530g [Steel Nitrogen]
630g [Steel Air]
Specs Verified Yes [Nitrogen]
Question from bmac
Looks like the mammut is easy to fill at scuba/paintball shops, or with a hand pump. Any word on the feasibility of those options with the Arva? I can't find much via google, and the Arva site says authorized dealers only (of which there aren't many).
Answer from Jeff M
So Mammut , BCA and most others use a standard valve that can be filled pretty easily. Arva uses a different fitting and that is why they say authorized dealer only.
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Question from EdM
Do you guys exchange the used nitrogen canisters at your store? How much? Can you ship these?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey EdM! We definitely swap them out, but they're in-store only at the moment. Shipping filled nitrogen canisters gets spendy pretty quick.
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