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Atomic Backland UL Skins

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Atomic’s Ultralight Rocker skins are designed for the Backland UL series skis: the 65, 78, and 85. They are 100% mohair and equipped with bungees designed to be use with race-style tip notches. The Backland UL skins feature the unique Atomic Rocker design, which replaces skin material under the tip with a friction-free ski-base material. This makes a noticeable difference in glide when skinning through soft snow. The 65mm version is parallel cut, while the 78 and 85 have a tapered profile to match the sidecut of the wider UltraLight skis. All come in one length, so the shorter skis need to have the tails trimmed (there are no tail clips). The 78 & 85 UL versions feature a Hybrid glue system that uses two coats to make the skins more manageable and easier to clean. These are the fastest and easiest way to the top for owners of Atomic Backland UL skis. Of course, they also work with other skis that have race notches.

  • Rocker Glide Zone reduces friction at the tips, improving glide.
  • 100% race mohair Grip Zone is fast yet reasonably durable.
  • Skins are 10% lighter than non-rockered skins due to less hair.
  • Easy-to-rip Hybrid glue can be washed with water (78 & 85 only).
  • 65mm skins are StraightFit cut while the others are PreFit cut.

* Note that the skins are listed based on matching ski size, but are actually 3mm skinnier.

Update 2017/18: Atomic replaced these with the Hybrid skins.

Questions & Reviews

Question from TSB
Hey JBo (or whoever else might be out there) -- just wanted to confirm that these would indeed work for non-Atomic skis? It doesn't look like the cutoff between skin material and sheer nylon at the tip would get in the way for other skis (early rise or no), but maybe I'm mistaken. I'm looking for a good (and affordable) mohair skin that would work as a race-day backup to some Dynafit/Pomoca skins, and to slap on some Voile Objectives for tours. Thanks in advance for the help!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Taylor! Thanks for reaching out! Absolutely, they're compatible and actually make a ton of sense on the Objective because of the tip rocker. It'll make light work of breaking trail in fresh snow.
Answer from TSB
Thanks Trace. Will give these a shot!
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Question from dub_xion
Any chance of getting some 78's in?
Answer from jbo
Hi dub_xion, unfortunately not till next season. You could build one or cut down a Dynafit skin.
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Question from Jeremy G
Do you know when these will be available in 85 mm? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeremy, it looks like the wider skins (and skis) will be shipping around the middle of October.
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Model: Backland UL Rocker 65 / 78 / 85

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