Jeremy G

Jeremy G
Height:6' 1"
Weight:165 lbs
Shoe Size:US 12.50
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:10 - 24 days / year

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I've had this little guy for a couple years now and couldn't be more pleased. I usually look at a Dynafit product, tell myself there is no that I could justify the price of said product, end up buying it anyway and then am amazed at how well it performs. This headband is no exception. Yes, it's a headband. But it always seems to be the perfect layer. It's rarely too hot and does a great job keeping my ears warm and keeping sweat out of my eyes. It disappears under a helmet or hood. It never falls down over ...
First off, I'm reviewing an older version of this ski, the Ultimate 85. And a bit about me, I'm 6' 170 lbs and consider myself an enthusiastic but mediocre skier. I purchased this ski in 170cm to supplement my wider powder ski for fitness resort laps, spring skiing and ski days with long approaches. I ski them with TLT7s and OG superlite binders. And I couldn't be happier. They are so predictable and comfortable to ski. And so light they're like wearing tennis shoes. Anyone who is used to skiing light skis ...
Do you know when the 120mm will be available again? Thanks.
Hey ya'll, I'm in the market for a ski to replace my Carbon Converts as a daily, powder hunting ski. While I like light I'm willing to gain some weight in order to add versatility and stability in crappy snow (which I feel the Convert lacked). I ski around Bend, OR so 1-2 feet of medium density snow is a good day. This ski looks attractive but I'm open to suggestions. I'm 6' and 180lbs and only a moderately capable skier. If my skis leave the ground it's usually because I've messed something up, although I ...
I built a pair of skinny "kicker" and skins with this plush to use on long flat approaches. For this purpose they don't disappoint. I've only used them on 85 waist skis to date but plan on using them in wider skis too (we'll see how that goes.) Tons of glide and remarkable grip, as long as I keep the full base in contact with the snow and don't try to use my edges. I was surprised to find that I could climb straight up shallow slopes and not lose grip. On a warm spring day I brought these for the approach...


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