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Jeremy G

Jeremy G




6' 1"


165 lbs

Shoe Size

US 12.50

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year

Recent Posts

Any experience with this product? Best to rub on or iron in? Do you prefer the spray on or bar versions of skin wax? Thanks!
I'm looking for a cam style power strap to replace the velcro strap on my la sportiva skorpius boots. I was originally thinking TLT7 but it looks like the speed fit strap doesnt have any grommets in it (which would be preferred). Is this accurate? Also is it made of a similar material to the TLT7 strap with no stretch? Thanks!
I used these skins last season on one of my high use, 105mm underfoot skis. They are by far the best, well rounded skins I've used to date. Grip is just fine. Glide is great. No issues with getting soaked or glue going bad. The glue to glue adhesion isn't stupid strong and they still stick to the bases well. Very happy with these and plan on buying them again next time I need skins. BTW, I ski in the PNW.
I purchased these last year to replace my BD Traverse poles and become my everyday backcountry ski poles. I have been super happy with them. I installed the 3/4 baskets and rarely use the wrist straps. I don't think too much about them while using them, which to me means they are doing their job pretty darn well. The extended grip is very helpful and allows you to comfortably change your grip. No durability concerns after a session of use. They are crazy light, simple and rock solid.
There's no question about it... the RFL socks are the Real Effin Deal. I bought my first pair a few years ago and now have 3. They are all I tour in. My feet sweat a lot and these socks keep their shape when they get soaked, which helps reduce slipping and bunching, which in turn reduces hot spots and blisters. They are very thin and fit tightly... almost like a compression sock. I've tried a few other socks and keep coming back to these.

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