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Free shipping's finally happened. A ski has landed here at Skimo Co that breaks the 2000g glass ceiling in its longest length. The ski in question is the Draco Freebird from Black Crows, which can be seen taking flight under the couloir straight-lining madman himself, Nikolai Schirmer. Before saying what the ski is, let's first say what the ski isn't. The Draco Freebird is not light. In fact, it is so heavy that you likely won't see many of our staff skiing these in the backcountry, or even recommending one to someone who primarily wants to do human-powered skiing. With arguably the worst surface area-to-weight ratio of any ski we carry, it is objectively less efficient on a big day than many of its competitors. However, its one detraction is also its biggest strength. While skis with less mass perform quite well on the down for most skiers, for the hardest chargers, a ski with more mass will tend to get deflected less in unideal snow. Therefore, for skiers like Nikolai Schirmer, this trade-off between efficiency and downhill performance is worthwhile and even adds a margin of safety to his free and fast skiing style. Apart from mind-blowingly fast descents, the twin tip shape and progressive mount point are conducive to spinning, landing switch, and buttering till your heart and arteries are content and full. If your idea of fun includes skiing the gnarliest descents at breathtaking speeds, the Draco Freebird from Black Crows is a proven tool that can certainly keep up.

  • Twin Tip allows for easy pivoting to help you shut down speed...if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Paulownia, Poplar, and Fiberglass make for an extremely durable core construction.
  • Shorter camber section helps the ski handle hard snow without detracting from its maneuverable personality.
  • Semi-cap construction in the tip and tail helps save weight while ABS sidewalls are used underfoot for power transfer and durability.
  • Best used for straight-lining couloirs, boosting huge cliffs, or side country laps.
Lengths (cm) 175.2, 181.5, 189.2
convert to ounces
1825g [175.2]
1900g [181.5]
2050g [189.2]
Weight (pair) 3650g [175.2]
3800g [181.5]
4100g [189.2]
Sidecut   136-110-125 [175.2]
138-110-126 [181.5]
139-112-127 [189.2]
Turn Radius   21m [175.2]
21m [181.5]
23m [189.2]
Skin Fix   Z-clip and notched tail
Specs Verified
Profile   Double rocker & classic camber underfoot
Shape   Minimal sidecut for stability
Construction   Semi-cap tip & tail, ABS sidewall underfoot
Core   Paulownia, poplar & fiberglass
Skimo Co Says
Usage Straight-lining couloirs
Notes Double rocker yields great maneuverability
Bottom Line Skiing like Nikolai Schirmer

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Model: Draco Freebird

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