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Although ski mountaineering has historically been associated with the European Alps, North Americans have contributed their fair share of innovations to backcountry skiing. Park City, Utah’s Armada Skis continues this tradition with input from a cohort of expert freeride skiers that led to the creation of the Locator 112. Built for big lines, big snowfall totals, and big grins, the Locator 112 prioritizes a supple downhill performance while keeping the weight light, thanks to its Caruba wood core. At the same time, Titanal and rubber layers below the binding work to reduce vibration where you would feel it most. A unique low-profile camber pairs with a tapered tip and fore rocker for a buoyant ride down the fall line. For those dreamy days where you’re only limited by daylight or your own energy levels, it’s not hard to locate the right skis for the job with the Armada Locator 112.

  • High-performance Caruba wood core provides pop and flexibility at a low weight.
  • EST Freeride Rocker profile marries a rockered, tapered tip and flat tail to keep these skis floating like a cork.
  • Longer turn radius targets skiers pursuing stability at fast speeds down the fall line.
  • Rubber and Titanal layers dampen vibration so your legs can focus on packing in more powder laps.
  • Sintered comp bases with carbon improve speed and durability.
  • Snazzy red graphics showcase Armada’s good taste.
Lengths (cm) 166, 173, 180, 187
convert to ounces
1465g [173]
1590g [180]
1670g [187]
Weight (pair) 2930g [173]
3180g [180]
3340g [187]
Sidecut   134-112-126 [166]
135-112-127 [173]
136-112-128 [180]
137-112-128 [187]
Turn Radius   22m [166]
23m [173]
24m [180]
26m [187]
Skin Fix   AR Bat Tail Self Center
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   EST freeride early tip rise, low profile camber, flat tail
Shape   Tapered tips and tails
Construction   Comp Series Base, TI binding dampener, carbon reinforcement
Core   Caruba wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Big lines, spines and climbs
Notes Larger turning radius and EST Freeride Rocker profile create stability at high speeds
Bottom Line Park City freeride champs nail their powder touring ski
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Questions & Reviews

Bobby Y (used product regularly)
I really love this ski and can’t recommend it enough just wish it came in a little longer size. At the moment this is my only alpine touring ski and has been a really great one ski quiver. I’ve skied it in everything from waist deep powder to pre-corn spring ice and it has excelled in all these conditions I think the hard snow performance is largely attributed to the dampening it has in it. It’s also surprisingly lightweight so much so I get comments from anyone who picks them up.

Am I pretty low experience in light touring setups? Yep.

Are there skis that are way better in hard and spring conditions? I bet.

All I know is the only time I have any angst about owning/bringing these skis is before a spring trip. When skiing or walking them it’s all smiles.
Comment on this review:

Question from Jacob
Hi how do these compare to the Faction la machine 4 mega?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Jacob,

They are both rockered, powder-hungry skis with a lot of taper in the tips. The biggest difference is that the Locator has more camber and the flex, while not super different in stiffness, feels much more energetic and springy. The Locator will give you more energy out of turns. The Mega has very minimal camber and deeper rocker lines, especially at the tail. The flex is medium-stiff but without a ton of energy return. It would be the more damp-feeling ski, easier to turn sideways and hold out without the ski rebounding as much. The Locator will be more energetic and slashy.
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Question from Robert Bland
I'm 5'10' and 150 lbs, soon to turn 70. I'm an ex expert skier, (less days, more wear and tear on the body). I ski fairly aggressively for my age. The skis will be used 70% lift and side country, 30% skinning for powder. Normally I would get the 180's and am using the armada tracers in a 180 for my all arounder. 180 or 173?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Robert, these skis and the Armada Tracers have a similar overall rocker profile. If you're happy with a 180 Tracer, I'd opt for the same length here. Plus, it'll help them float!
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Question from Michael M
Can you tell me how far back from true center the recommended mount point is for these skis?

Considering these as a bc powder ski. I prefer more traditionally mounted skis as opposed to new school center mounts which is the reason for asking. Thanks.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Michael, I measured the skis we've got here, looks to be -10cm from true center. So more on the traditional side.
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Comment from Tjaard B
For people information:
166cm length ones, and they weigh 2800 grams for the pair.
Reply to this comment:

Question from Anthony O
Will you have this and the 104 available as demo?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Anthony, we currently have a pair of the Locator 104's available in the shop as a demo. We don't have plans to demo the other widths, unless we get a lot of folks asking!
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Model: Locator 112

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