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Big backcountry adventures are that much better when your gear is fully dialed in and that much worse when they're not! We don't love excessive weight but this tool is anything but excessive when it saves the day. So don't let a loose binding or backed out screw on your boots lead to trouble. Light enough to travel into the backcountry and compact enough to live in your glovebox, this tenacious tool can really come in handy. It features a #3 pozi driver, #2 phillips head, 1/8 allen wrench, flathead and skinny flathead options, all of which fit right in the handle for easy storage. Peace of mind comes in the form of a compact tool when you add Black Diamond's Binding Buddy to your gear collection.

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Pondsy (downright abused product)
Had this for years and it's everything as advertised. I'm not sure I've ever brought it into the backcountry but I have to resorts, solely when on different snowboard/splitboard setups. Definitely useful for all the things in a neat little self-contained storage unit. In the backcountry, just use a voile strap. Lighter and more useful :p
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