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Race weight and ready for reconnaissance! The BD Recon LT beacon is the ticket for light and fast alpine missions and skimo races. Ostensibly replacing the Pieps Micro, this adorable beacon features Bluetooth connectivity so you can stay on top of staying on top. A 50-meter range isn't for guides but suffices for lots of touring, missioning, and certainly racing. One battery keeps things light while three antennae help you circle the drain with accuracy. For convenience and ease of use, BD has included a harness for us old-schoolers that prefer to keep our pants pockets free of lint and rectangles. Simple search slider and marking button keeps the confusion down when anxiety is up. The Black Diamond Recon LT is a compelling beacon to make your companion.

  • 3-antennae beacon is fully featured, but not-so-full weight.
  • Settings and updates are controlled via a Bluetooth connection.
  • Marking function flags a burial so you can be a multi-hero.
  • Compatible with Pieps IProbe for some precision poking.
  • Includes harness-style pouch for your ponch, for an extra 58g.
convert to ounces
159g w/ 1 AA battery
Antennas 3 digital
Transmit Range 50m
Search Range 50m
Number of Victims 3
Battery Life 200 hours
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, alpine missions
Notes Bluetooth functionality
Bottom Line Pieps tech in a small package
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Aaron S
Did BD discontinue this beacon? Any recommendations on a similarly small beacon...that isn't the Arva one (that beacon sucks)?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Aaron! This specific beacon has been discontinued, but lives on in the Recon X. For a smaller beacon, I would suggest checking out the  Ortovox Diract Voice. Thanks!
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Question from Evan B
Recommendations for using this in a pocket? they have sewn the lanyard to the harness....
Answer from Emmett I
Hey Evan, you should be just able to undo the girth hitch from the harness or with a very small torx bit you are able to screw out the plastic piece on the beacon itself. Obviously, you would still need to find another method to re-attach the beacon to your pocket/beacon pocket as well though. Some small-diameter cord should do the trick with potentially combined with a bungee-like material like what comes with the beacon initially.
Answer from Evan B
Do you sell any lanyards without pouches?
I don't want to hack up the original pouch but I was thinking of cutting the lanyard off and attaching a small 'biner with zip ties...
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Question from Ben
Does this beacon beep louder than the notoriously quiet Pieps Micro? How does it compare overall to the Arva Evo5, the other nerd-weight beacon on the market?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ben, unfortunately we don't have a Pieps Micro around to compare to, but I grabbed the Recon LT and Arva Evo5 and compared them.

When in search mode, they both have similar initial volumes, which I would describe as highly noticeable. Neither strikes me as quiet. They sound similar in volume to my BCA Tracker 3. When you are moving towards a target, the Recon LT cues you auditorily by increasing the frequency of the beeps. The Arva Evo5 does this by increasing the pitch and volume of the beeps, so it gets louder the closer you get to a target.

They are very similarly spec'd, so it might just come down to preference. The Recon LT includes a harness pouch, whereas the Evo5 simply includes a belt and elastic strap, if you have a preferred carrying method.
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Model: Recon LT MPN: BD151007 UPC: 793661495475

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