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Black Diamond Expedition WR 3 Trek Pole


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What needs to be said about the Expedition 3 WR (whippet ready) pole? By taking their much loved 4 season Expedition 3 pole and making it compatible with a Whippet attachment, Black Diamond has created one of the most versatile poles on the market. If you’re a split boarder, you’ll enjoy the three-piece construction, allowing it to be easily and quickly stowed for your journey down. If you’re a skier, you’ll enjoy the extended foam grip, useful for making quick hand adjustments on tricky side hill sections. If you’re a fast packer or thru hiker, you’ll enjoy its compatibility with the Distance Tent. Everyone will enjoy the durable aluminum construction and ease of adjustment provided by the dual FlickLock adjustment system. Forget having a quiver of poles, just get the Expedition 3 WR.

  • Whippet, Alpine Whippet, Distance Tent, and Universal ¼-20 Adapter compatible.
  • Aluminum construction will be around for the long haul.
  • Handle strap is highly adjustable, fitting hands with or without gloves on.
  • Dual FlickLocks are durable and easy to adjust on the go.
  • Ships with powder baskets and has an indexed ferrule for 3/4 basket compatibility.
Lengths (cm) 100-140cm Adjustable
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 580g
Sections 3
Grip Dual Density, sticky rubber grip. Extended foam grip
Basket & Tip 100 mm powder baskets
Indexed ferrule to accept other BD baskets
Materials   Aluminum
Strap Variable width strap for comfort
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skiing, splitboarding, mountaineering and camping
Notes Converts to summer trekking pole and can be used with the BD Distance tent
Bottom Line A compact 3 piece Whippet attachment ready pole for travel and splitboarding
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Model: Black Diamond Expedition WR 3 Trek MPN: BD111604 UPC: 793661547235

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