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The benefits of skiing with a Whippet are undeniable and when you need it, it’s irreplaceable. When you don’t need it, it feels a bit like running with scissors. Sometimes you don’t know if you’ll need it until you get there. Is this going to be a high-speed corn lap or a side-slipping nail-biter? If it’s going to be a ripping corn lap it’s nice to not be skiing with a knife in your hand. If you time it wrong or plans change and its slide-for-life conditions, whip out the Black Diamond Whippet Attachment and whip it onto your Whippet Ready pole. If you know how great a Whippet is, this will be a no-brainer. If you haven’t yet experienced the joy of a Whippet, it should be at the top of your list of new gear to try. The Black Diamond Whippet Attachment is your friend in too many situations to list. Sold as a single unit; i.e., you need two for a pair of poles.

  • Compatible with all Whippet Ready poles, such as the Traverse 2.
  • ClickLock mechanism establishes a solid connection to any Whippet Ready pole.
  • Large canard wing provides extra purchase in the snow for self-arrest.
  • Steel pick is sturdy and will withstand dings from rocks.
  • The next generation of the famed Whippet pole.
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Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Steel pick
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, steep skiing
Notes Self-arrest capability added to a pole
Bottom Line A safer Whippet

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brian
Are the Pursuit series trekking poles whippet compatible?
Answer from Niko M
Brian, The Pursuit poles are Not.
Only models that say WR or Whippet compatible are. The Traverse WR is and the only trekking pole is the Alpine Carbon.
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Question from Tim Burr
I don't see "WR" noted for the BD Expedition 3 poles, but was curious if this attachment compatible with them?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Tim,
It would appear that the Expedition 3 poles are not "Whippet Ready" and won't work with whippet attachments.
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Question from Shawn F
What poles go with this?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Shawn! I think we already spoke about this via email a few days ago, but for anybody else that's reading I'll answer as well. We answered this question very briefly in the description, but the Whippet Attachment is compatible with any of BD's poles that are labeled "WR" (Whippet Ready). We stock some poles that feature the threaded head attachment called the Traverse WR 2.
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