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The Whippet-less Whippet! It is often said that the best pieces of gear are the ones that can disappear while using them. That doesn’t mean you should be chucking your poles off ridges and peaks in the hopes that they’ll work better. The statement really means that if a piece of gear is engineered well, you shouldn’t ever have to take the time to think about it in the field; the operation should be so smooth that it becomes an extension of your body. That was a long and convoluted way to say that the all-aluminum Black Diamond Traverse WR 2 pole is well engineered, extremely low drama, and will get the job done. If your future ski plans include meadow-skipping on low-angle glades just above sea level, executing tight jump-turns on Denali with the Whippet Attachment, or just don’t want to waste mental effort on poles, then this is the ski pole for you.

  • Whippet Ready (WR) allows seamless integration of the Whippet Attachment.
  • 18mm upper and 16mm lower increase stiffness and reduce swing weight, respectively.
  • FlickLock adjustment system is simple, solid, and light.
  • 100mm powder baskets are great for flipping risers and flotation in deep snow.

* Please note this version of the pole is a two-piece, whereas the version shipped as "The Whippet" is a three-piece.

Update 2019/20: New FlickLock Pro section connectors are lighter with an easier-to-use design. BD also added indexed baskets, meaning they put a tab on the basket which fits into a groove on the base of the pole, preventing the basket from spinning.

Update 2021/22: Adjusting the length will now be done the with FlickLock system (different from the Pro) and a rubber grip has been added to the pole upper.

Lengths (cm) Adjustable 100-140
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 588g
Sections 2
Grip Whippet-ready rubber grip
Basket & Tip Powder Baskets
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skiing of all kinds
Notes Aluminum upper and lower
Bottom Line The new Whippet, sans Whippet
Compare to other Adjustable Ski Poles

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Questions & Reviews

Question from pierre
Hi, just want to make sure, does the Black Diamond Traverse WR 2 pole take the Whippet attachment?

Answer from jbo
Hi Pierre, yes the WR stands for Whippet Ready.
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Question from Gabriel Marias Martinez
Hi guys!
Considering will be we go with my question:

Will be possible unglue the grip if this pole to put it in a carbon 16mm pole (fix lenght light ones ) and then can have a really light set but with the possibility to add the whippet for couloirs?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Gabriel, I would definitely not recommend that swap for any sort of self-arrest use, but there’s a chance it’s physically possible just for stationary security and balance while booting. We haven’t tried removing the handles from these, but document thoroughly and let us know if you choose to attempt it!
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