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Feet don't feel great? Let us help you get your ski boots dialed in and comfortable. We have an oven, press, and plenty of other tools and tricks to get your feet feeling happy while you're touring, both up and down. Schedule an appointment or just drop on by. Learn about our bootfitting process here.

Shell Punch - Any stretching or modification to the shell to make it bigger (price per punch, which is guaranteed).

Buckle Replacement - Have a broken buckle? Let us install a new buckle for you (parts sold seperately).

Heat Mold Shells - Heat/Custom mold shells and liners.

Thermo Mold Liners - Heating the liners and molding to your feet. Includes a shell fit and related sizing help. Molds are included with a purchase of new boots, and 50% off with purchase of liners.

Cramp-In Install - Install the Dynafit Cramp-In Crampon receptor in the soles of your boots.

Boot Foam Installation - Labor fee for assessing, trimming, locating, and applying foam to boot liners. Foam material sold separately.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Trevor
Are you able to punch or stretch the toe box of Scarpa F1-LT’s with the Carbon Grilamid material?

I currently own 2 sizes of this boot. The small one skis great but is too small for very long tours and has caused some toenail damage in the past. The bigger one tours great but leaves a bit to be desired on skiing performance even with added foam from a boot fitter. Do you think it is possible to stretch the small ones out in the toe box a bit or not possible with this type of shell? Will be in your area later this season.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Trevor, we're quite hesitant to punch for length on boots like this, we've certainly been bitten in the past. If you stopped by, we'd start by aggressively molding out the liner in the toes and ensuring you have a supportive footbed to keep your foot from collapsing outward as much as possible.
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Question from Greg Garcia
Will Skimo heat mold liners for alpine boots at the normal $50 charge?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Greg, we can mold alpine boot liners as well. Currently we are doing boot fitting by appointment only, so feel free to either hop on the boot fitter tab or call us at (801) 942-9084 to book a slot.
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