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Much like how a photon is a coalesced packet of magnetic and electric fields, the CAMP Photon Wire Carabiner is a combination of intelligent design, ease of use, and smart construction in a light package. One of the lightest carabiners out there, CAMP achieved the low weight by tweaking the geometry to require less material for the same strength, meaning they don't have to shrink the carabiner down to a less useful size just so they can put a smaller number of grams on the packaging. Clip some Photon Wires to your harness and you'll be ready to move at the speed of light.

  • Redesigned gate and hook for more secure closure, perfect for alpine environments.
  • 26mm opening with a large gate makes it easy to clip ropes or slings with gloves on.
  • Standard-size carabiner is larger than many in its weight class, making it perfect for snowy applications.
  • Color-coated to match the Black Diamond C4, so you can identify your needed piece in a hurry.
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Sidecut   100mm x 62mm
Specs Verified Yes
Gate Style Wiregate
Major Axis Strength 22 kN
Minor Axis Strength 8 kN
Open Gate Strength 9 kN
Materials   Aluminum Alloy
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mountaineering without taking off your gloves
Notes Multiple colors to match your cams or screws for quick identification
Bottom Line One of the (if not the) lightest standard size carabiners in the world
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